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4.5Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Amazing management team

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I worked on the float team, and although I did not stay, I was very impressed with my managers. They were always professional and very proactive. They really try to create a positive work atmosphere and I was extremely grateful for that. Unfortunately, some staff do not follow that mindset, my issues were mainly with some nurses. In one specific department. But if you are dedicated, and willing to learn, CHEO is a fantastic place to be.
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Excellent boss and supervisor

Great team leaders Easy to work for and never discriminate your work. The work is rewarding. I would recommend this place to anyone. Although, I did refer some to apply but didn't get any call .
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Awesome enviromant to work in.

Everyday was different at Cheo. I was working on the Mental health unit and not one day was the same depending on the patients needs. I've learned to be more patient than I already am and that I leave work at work and not take it home with me. The hardest part of the job was wanting to do so much more for the kids but there is only so much you can do. That being said, all in all the best part of this job is when the patients were having good days and getting better. I knew the team had made a difference.
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Welcoming and beautiful environment

Very busy hospital with lots of opportunities for lab and clinical research Amazing staff and employees throughout Many food and coffee options in the cafeteria
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Great people

The people at CHEO are wonderful. There is much opportunity for development and to move between teams. Supportive work community and access to coaching and career development.

Points positifs

Great community
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best workplace so far

staff from management and coworkers and subordinates are all respectful. They have the heart for the kids and heart for their colleagues. it is a worker-friendly environment.
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Excellent learning opportunity in mental health care

-I planned and taught art workshops once a week -I learned a great deal about different types of mental illness and how to offer appropriate coping tools to the clients through the given workshops held by facilitators. -management was on point and supportive of mine and the clients' needs -workplace culture was enthusiastic and energetic -the hardest part of the job was to see how much some clients suffered, but -the most enjoyable part was to see those same clients thrive throughout the length of the program

Points positifs

Great staff and clients
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Community Pedatric Hospital

CHEO is a family oriented community pediatric center with level 1 Trauma resources. Depending on your job there is a mix of Monday to Friday workers and there are shift workers. A work week is 37.5 hrs. Typical, Monday to Friday workers work 0730-1530 or 0800-1600 hrs. Shift workers typically work 0730-1930 and 1930-0730. There is plenty of parking but new employees may have to go on a waiting list. There is a positive work culture with a good management team in place. Work colleagues are team oriented and work to providing sound family and patient centered care. Working hours are the hardest part of the job especially if your a shift worker.

Points positifs

Staff appreciation, Onsite Gym, Group Perks

Points négatifs

Shift work hours
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The patients and families make the job

Great place to learn new skills as an RN. Once you reach a certain level there is not much opportunity for RNs for advanced positions. Hard to get a full-time position and must pass a bilingualism test before hiring.

Points positifs

Unionized environment

Points négatifs

Mandatory bilingualism
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A wonderful place to give without getting.

Everyone at CHEO is simply amazing. The way they make you feel is like your at home. The way they care for the children as if they were there own. Such a beautiful place to work and be in. Getting to know children's stories and life journey is pretty amazing.

Points positifs

Inspirational experience
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Friendly environment in a professional setting

Look forward to my day at CHEO, professional and pleasant. Great team including coworkers and supervision. Goals are well defined and shared in hospital's website.

Points positifs

Team atmosphere
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It was a great stepping stone for my career

I really enjoyed working at Meadowlands it was a great stepping stone for me as I was just starting out my full career at that point. I enjoyed the staff and patients also.

Points positifs

lunches once a month from drug reps
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children come first

fast pace its never about us its about the kids management need to enjoy the work very fun and enjoy what they do the illness we see sending someone home after they have been there for a while

Points positifs

great people

Points négatifs

illness and feeling of dispair for others
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Fun workplace.

A typical day at work consisted of preparing and organizing the classroom before the kids arrival. Play with the kids before table session, recesses, gym/outside, lunch time, then another table session, followed by other classroom activities such as circle time or crafts.
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Fun place to work

They train you very well in a fun manner. Open-minded and fiendly co-workers
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4.5Équilibre vie professionnelle / personnelle
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4.3Sécurité de l'emploi / évolution de carrière
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