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Diversity at Chemtrade

Chemtrade is committed to equity in employment and providing a dynamic and flexible work environment which allows all employees to strive and reach their full career potential. A diverse group of people and ideas in the workplace is essential to our business success. We all benefit from a work environment of diversity which offers a wide range of perspectives and promotes fairness and equity. We are committed to diversity and inclusiveness in our employment practices and respect the right of applicants and employees to fair and equitable treatment.

The Board of Trustees of Chemtrade believes in “tone from the top” and has approved a Diversity Policy to help ensure that members of the Board and of senior management benefit from diversity of thought.

Why join our team?

By joining our team, you will have the chance to be part of a vibrant and growing company. As a company that has grown and continues to grow by acquisition, we offer an exciting work atmosphere and opportunities to make a real impact.
At Chemtrade, we take pride in rewarding our employees for their commitment, performance and hard work by offering a variety of programs and services, including comprehensive health and wellness coverage. Our unique culture enables employees to thrive in a supportive and engaging workplace. Employee engagement is not just something we talk about at Chemtrade, but fulfilled through exciting programs like Employee Recognition and Rewards (CHEers!), and Chemtrade University.

What does it mean to work at Chemtrade?

What Makes a Great Chemtrade Employee? We look for individuals who demonstrate the following competencies to help drive positive business performance:

Analytical and Strategic Thinking

The ability to anticipate and identify critical patterns across new or unrelated situations and identify key issues.

Influencing and Leading Others

The ability to persuade and convince others to support an idea that will positively impact business performance.

Leading Change

Creating an environment that inspires others, adapts to and accepts change when needed.

Customer Mindset

Strong understanding of how to address and anticipate internal and external customer needs.

Develops Self & Others

Strives for self-improvement and enables the improvement of others through coaching and development.

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