Chartwell résidence pour retraités
Chartwell Retirement Residences
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Why would you want to work at Chartwell Retirement Residences?

15 réponses

  • I am semi-retired and still miss cooking and enjoy cooking in a hands on envirnment .i am well skilled in 2conking for 1 or 1000. I am creative and know canada's food guide well. Special diets also i am familar with.

  • I wouldnt again

  • To make the lives of the residents better

  • If you want the job and expect to work your hours and not sit around it's a good place to work. It's like taking care of everyone's grandparents. Sometimes issues of growing old can temporarily put a person in a bad mood but overall residents are wonderful. Do your job and life is good. You won't get rich here but it's a good resume builder if you find it's not for you

  • I don't think you would want too

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  1. Why would you want to work at Chartwell Retirement Residences?