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Can work on management

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Pros- Good Payscale Free meals once a week and on holidays Keeps staff engaged in extracurricular activities Cons- need organization of work Managers need to be on hands on hands off mode ,should help staff as workload is never ending Toxic politics, many employees are gaslighted based on favouritism
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pay rate

very low pay rate, as a owner operator and truck inspection they do every 3 months like we are getting $10000 month, if they fixed flat rate for us, sometime they don't pay properly and their different different excuses.

Points positifs

truck wash

Points négatifs

pay rate is very low
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Great experience and great pay

What is the best part of working at the company?System setting and great dispatch What is the most stressful part about working at the company?Nothing much , I can’t think of anything stressful What is the work environment and culture like at the company?Great environment and friendly culture What is a typical day like for you at the company?I don’t think of that kind of day
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Company have various type of load and lanes according to driver preference and they have multiple yard locations across hwy 401 and you start your trip from your nearby yard.

Points positifs

Trailer switchs

Points négatifs

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Very poor management

No time for lunch , very poor management. Very poor organization. No proper training provided.and you have to work for 6 days a week and long working hours
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Stressful environment for mechanics

Its is all about Pleasing your supervisor/manager. They keep pressurizing you to work fast and shop manager is such an arrogant person. Not a good place to work for MECHANICS.

Points positifs

Free late lunch on Saturday

Points négatifs

Not much friendly people around
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Not a great company to work.

You have to be on a road for minimum for 14 days at a time. Reset on road . they do not pay well for resets on road. i do not recommend this place to work.
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Stressful and long hours

Work could be stressful due to not enough coverage and future planning by management. You are expected to work 9 hours and instead of 8 hour shifts. Most managers believe in micro-managing

Points positifs

Free lunch on Saturday

Points négatifs

Long hours, unexpected work, no feedback from employees to improve company culture
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Neither the greatest nor the worst place to work.

I’ve worked with this company for almost 6 years within that period I saw company grow but at the same time I see the standards of company fall for drivers. People with no people manners getting on dispatch who always carry argumentative nature and reach to go in an argument with you. They keep personal grudges against drivers and also you always being pushed to do things what you don’t wanna do. They always wants you to work over the weekends when you don’t sign up for that. Some people were really good but most of them are two face and you will find two many brown nosers working among you. So be careful what comes out of your mouth.

Points positifs


Points négatifs

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Worst place to work

If you want work life balanace it is the place chose not to work.Phone will be always ringing , work pressures is immense during first year.Bad management.Totally wasted 3 years

Points positifs

Free food

Points négatifs

Political environment
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Aggressive dispatch, attitude no respect

I did not like to work with this company as this company dispatch is worst They do not respect their drivers Always on head to do something without break. They do not appreciate your work
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good company. Alot of work, busy schedule Friendly dispatch. New equipment. No waiting mostly hook and drop. Personal maintenance shop. Personal fuel stations
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Overall a decent place to work for

Not a bad place to work for but they will not give u work they promised. Work could b very stressful sometimes but overall not a bad place to work for. They should increase thr pay plus give work they promised while hiring

Points positifs

Good management, pay on time

Points négatifs

Long hours
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Worst management ever seen and toxic environment

The company is so badly managed that they first of all hire you for 9hrs & 6 days shift saying there will be no overtime payed ever (even if you work extra hours or any hrs above 40 per week) and you can manage that time in future shifts . Secondly they will promise you at least 2 weeks of training to ensure you learn properly prior to handling your job duties whereas when you start after 3-4 days they start pushing you do all the work even you have to stay beyond 9 hrs (without getting paid) and even if you are working the management will just snitch about you for no reason (things like why he is sitting like that , why he is using his cellphone (even if you aren't)). I am telling you its totally wastage of time working for this company. You can earn way more for the same time you are planning to work for this company.
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Good dispatch and new trucks always

Best place to work and working with charger drivers grow in life as company grows. New automatic trucks and new trailers mostly. Neat and clean office and can fuel up at yard.

Points positifs

24 hrs mechanic available n shop open

Points négatifs

No complaints
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Not worth it

Local team is the best team to work with. Rest No integrity and respect towards employees and team mates.Will save alot of money by not paying you overtime.Middle management keeps micromanaging employees, like if they are the bosses and don’t want anyone else to grow apart from them. Scared to loose their so beloved Designation. Bow down is a must requirement even if you’re right.If you get an opportunity make sure you negotiate, Businesses don’t run on cheap labor and expect loyalty and effective efficient work strategies.Have problems with taking legal 1 hour lunch breaks.If you get an opportunity make sure you negotiate, Businesses don’t run on cheap labor and expect loyalty and effective efficient work strategies.

Points positifs


Points négatifs

56 hours weekly/ Micro Management.
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Ridiculously unprofessional and unethical workplace.

This job was the worst work experience of my life! It was a total waste of time and effort. Don't even put any effort into your job because they don't care and you won't get anything in return. ZEROOOO STARSSSS!!!
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Half the team I worked with were great. The other half of the team we’re stuck up. If you have children and they have medical issues and you have to leave work they don’t like it. They say leave your personal problems at home.

Points positifs

Lunch every other Friday
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Good equipment, Bad management, Worst Dispatch

Charger talks a good game but ain't for s##t , They easily could win the Title for worst managed company, They are a Prime example that Good equipment doesn't really mean Good company. They got all parasites in there Favouritism, Corruption, lack of ethics, lack of respect for drivers, Pushy Dispatch. I mean name anything. Well the Idea was to let you all know before you decide. Its solely based on my judgement and 4 other friends of mine who just left charger for good.

Points positifs

Good equipment

Points négatifs

Every other thing
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It’s so nice company

We moved from bc to Windsor Ontario last year ever seen in my life best company they have new trucks new trailers they own everything dispatch good as well they don’t force you I really enjoy working here and also big company
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A place to avoid

Discriminative people, toxic environment , non cooperation at any level. I worked the best for them but are very judgemental and is no room for people unless you are one of them.

Points négatifs

Long hours, poor payment, mean people
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