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Good to learn i was hoping for long haul , dorval division mostly do east coast
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Too much BS

You would think going into a great managed company with an owner that build something from nothing felt more in tune with his core base of the business. Yes the drivers. Somewhere along the path of success the company went from driver friendly to total ridiculous. The review process sucks the life out of the drivers sails, the culture of superiority is ingrained in wasteful technical BS,
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Negotiation is key

Typical: Communication with carriers to ensure on time service is being met, continuing to work with carriers to be 100% compliant with Challengers requirements Learned: How to broker loads and do what is necessary to earn desired margin amounts, how to run intermodal operations, how to negotiate with people Hardest part: negotiating and calling people out when it something doesn't sound right, im too much of a trusting person Enjoyable: working with a great bunch of people
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Explanation of my position

Good place to work. Office has moved locations since I worked there! It is a fast paced environment. I did data entry for driver logs. Inputting information from paper logs into their own computer programs.
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They look out for their own

Challenger, on the outside looking in is great but when you start working there, it is horrible. Except for maybe 2 people, everyone else is difficult to work with.
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It is a mixed bag.

Company is mindful about safety and invest much in training & re-training of drivers to improve safety. They also have a functional workshop that do all to keep vehicles in good shape.
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Good place to work

A good place to work. People there were friendly and helpful for the most part. The hardest part of this job is the time away from home even though it was only 5-6 days away at a time, it becomes difficult to be away as your children grow.
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I would recommend Challenger Motor Freight to anyone interested in a long haul AZ trucking opportunity

I would recommend Challenger Motor Freight to anyone interested in a long haul AZ driving position. Their equipment is newer and well maintained. They have many miles available for van division, temperature controlled division and flat bed.
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Good fun place to work

Its a good place to get your foot in the door in the trucking industry. Their training program is top notch and will teach you everything you need to succeed. The team behind you either being your dispatcher, safety team, or training department are always there for you when you need them.
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Loved my experience

Absolutely loved my experience working at CMF! Learned much about fast paced CSR. Our branch manager was on the ball, the dispatch team was like a well oiled machine. Teamwork was a must. The clients were solid and our drivers went out of their way to get the job done! I would go back if my situation permitted.
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this company is very stressfull

the dispatchers can be very bad and ill tempered. they don't full care about the drivers. the trucks can be good. if u get the ride one, others have issues non stop. if you live far away, plan to be gone for awhile.
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Do not trust them it’s all HYPE

Top heavy! way to many chiefs No communication. Very low pay. No respect for your time. Constant breakdowns. Disrespectful, argumentative know it all dispatcher. They completely ignore phone calls to sort out situations. Excellent training!!! 90% of the coworkers are great
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Too much management unfair practises

Pay was average but constantly expected to switch hours around to accomodate their needs and never thanked for doing so. Benefits were expensive and no company contributions to rrsp. Way too much management. Lots of favoritism. Saw really good employees get fired and many that should have been fired are still there. Raises were non existant.
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Good place to work for.

Excellent transportation company. Very understanding people to work with, very helpful, etc. Very good training program for beginners. Very easy to deal with dispatchers to help you with any problem you encounter on the road. Unfortunately, it was my decision to leave because of family crisis. Would return in a heartbeat.
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Good place to work

The job and life balanced, benefit is good such as RRSP and medical benefit for employee and their families. Good management team and understandable. However, wage is too low compare other truck companies. They pay $0.42 per mile.
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Slave Camp

Great to get your experience and learn a lot about trucking, but if you want to stay and get paid what you should be getting, that's not the place. Other than that, most everyone is easy going and laid back and overall life is good! There's good support when needed, and great equipment to work with. Could be so much better, but it's not, don't believe the hype, unless you like to work for free!
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old fashioned business culture

privately owned company, Challenger promotes the values of his owner. it has helped me grow as a professional and given me the trust required to make important business calls.
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Good Company to work for

Good Company to work for and decent pay Alot of opportunity to grow and do bigger things. Their is alot of room for advancement and you will gain alot of skills here.
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Great management but bad work

The management was great but way to much of it . The work was bad and spread to thin and even though managers were not supposed to favor the senior drivers they did anyway. And when brought to HR 's attention they where reprimanded (manager) but they still favored senior drivers. So it made it hard to make any money for the time spent. Ànd u just would have to leave.
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Good overall employer

Had a good work/life balance and was able to have a flexible schedule. Overall a good place to work. Was able to reset hours at home or on the road depending on personal needs.
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Challenger Motor Freight

I enjoyed my time there provided state of the art equipment and facilities Personalised dispatch 24/7 Lots of miles and very little waiting time I would recommend Challenger Motor Freight as a great company to work for The only reason I left was so I can make it home to Sault ste marie on a regular basis
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