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Long Haul Driver20 avis
Canada20 avis

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3,1Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Hard to get good miles

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Been there for almost a year now, going away 4-6 weeks at a time, never late, always keep them updated on my eta, gentle on gas, no safety issues, no violation.Had some 3000+miles/week, but their logistics is inefficient, they'll end your day and next morning they send you to one of their yard to pu a trl that was there since 2 days. They're constantly training new driver and all good drivers struggle to get miles. It's a rookie mill and they want it to stay this way so it's cheap drivers. Averaging 2000-2500$/week
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Friendly dispatch very well maintained equipment

Didn’t really want to leave the work place but didn’t have anymore canada only work and had a co driver that could not go to the us.

Points positifs

Had same dispatch for +- 12 years
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Lots of work

Good people good equipment nice runs, small pay, recommend for beginners , fuel solution is the biggest issue for me to deal on daily basis, this company is average on my opinion
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Good company to work for if they just pay a bit bettet it would be perfect , other than that I have had no problems working here

All good , my only issue is beeing underpaid , Even Bison got a pay rise to between 53/59 cent per mile , I mean seriously ? Bison ?I believe we can be better than that but so far we are lower than that !Thats the only conn I got here

Points positifs

If you want to work a lot they will keep you busy

Points négatifs

The pay should be better
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Every thing is good but not few

Equipment is too old, routes are not good and fuel solutions need improvement not in favour of driver sleep or rest area and shower. They could give at least 5-7 fuel solutions for trips where ever drivers want to fill
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Pay is on the low side

Used to be okay to work for...not so much now dtiver takes on even more aork and less pay! Miles arr not consistent! Pay sucks and so do benefits especially short and long term and very expensive for shat your charged. Lost a lot of freight...pushed to roll!! Time home is not consistant either! If you have a heartbeat they are hiring!!
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It's a joke company

A company that brought a group of Polish drivers to work, offering us great earnings and brand new equipment. Upon arrival, the equipment was in a tragic condition, it was well over 4 years old and over 800k km traveled. For Flat bet divisions we are paid terribly. The immigration office gave us work visas so we could change the employer. The terms of the contract were largely broken by the company.

Points positifs

good dispatchers

Points négatifs

managment, work ethic, trucks, pay
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A good company for new drivers

I started my professional driver career with challenger. It’s a good place to start and their loads are predictable in short order. I’ve driven for both Cambridge and Abbotsford terminals. Don’t be fooled , unless you want drive team; this is only a regional carrier. Planning and dispatch are the weak link here, you’re generally sitting and waiting for your back haul or next load. The Abbottsford yard is the hand me down location for Tractors so expect a 5 to 6 year old miled out bottom of the line Volvo 670 or freight shaker. Above Average safety, but expect your “screw up” to be displayed at terminal for everyone to see on the “ Wall of Shame”. The photos stay up until the next “Wall of Shamer”. Which can be up to a month. Relax, your truck number is blocked out but everyone knows it’s you! Driver retention is very low.... less than a year and a half and if you keep your resume up to date you will have recruiters contacting you after six months. Maintenance does their best to keep these tractors in as good condition as they can for the age the tractors. If they paid 10 to 15 cents a mile more and got new tractors, I’d still be there. Sadly, they don’t and they won’t. Get your primary experience and bolt.

Points positifs

Safe. Good maintenance department flexible availability time

Points négatifs

Regional, low miles, low pay
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Not at this time

Early days long weeks pay was average good management comfortable work culture freedom on the road and able to remain out there for an extended period to time.
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make back up better

Challenger is a well-known company as I can learn systematically to be an excellent truck driver. Although I did not work long time, I have learned many skills and experience.
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Long Haul Driver

I worked in the oil patch for many years never any appreciation for working hard in all extremely cold and hot weather. I come to Challenger and been here almost 11 months and have never looked back. Great office staff in both East and West. Their number one priority is our safety. This company wants you to make as much money as you can but reminding you not to put your family second.
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Do not trust them it’s all HYPE

Top heavy! way to many chiefs No communication. Very low pay. No respect for your time. Constant breakdowns. Disrespectful, argumentative know it all dispatcher. They completely ignore phone calls to sort out situations. Excellent training!!! 90% of the coworkers are great
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Good Trucking Company

If you're looking for positive work environment, new equipment, friendly and helpful dispatchers then this is the company for you. If you're looking to make money, then it isn't. Good if you want a relatively easy going job, and not worried about money too much.

Points positifs

New equipment, good pay package option for on road break downs

Points négatifs

Low pay
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Great experience

Have been working here for nearly two years, have a great dispatch team that are easy to get along with. Consistently have good miles and treated with respect. Have good safe equipment with newer trucks. Recent pay increases are decent and long overdue. Would love to see pension plan

Points positifs

Great dispatch team and decent miles

Points négatifs

Pension plan
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Inconsistant and difficult

I've found through my employment with this company that there is a high staff turnover. The head office branches have little to no communication with each other and the employees suffer and are blamed for the mistakes made from lack of communication from the offices.
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Disorganized and not driver friendly.

Challenger is a place where new graduates can do their time and gain experience,it won't be easy but Challenger prefers new drivers as they don't have to pay them much! This is not a place for any experience driver, they don't pay enough and you won't get treated right. Most if not all dispatchers lie to the drivers and to the customers trying to look good and making the drivers look bad. Whenever you have an issue with dispatch you are sent to safety where they tell you to humour dispatch, management only cares about the office personnel. To them drivers are a dime a dozen and you will be treated as such. If you can help it please don't work for Challenger or you will regret it! Have a good day and good luck on your job search.

Points positifs

They hire anyone

Points négatifs

They don't care about the drivers
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Good Solid Company

Challenger is a good solid company with modern well maintained equipment. Safety is very important to them so they are constantly watching what you are doing. This shouldn't be an issue to you if you are a safe driver.

Points positifs

Stable company, modern well maintained equiptment

Points négatifs

Driving long haul there wasn't a very good work/life balance
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If you don't have a life, great job.

Doesn't acomodate for family time. Out 30 days, home 3, then the calls start to go back out on the road. If your married to you job and not your wife and family, this is a great job.

Points positifs

Benefits, Lot's of work

Points négatifs

No family time, stress
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Amazing business

Really well structured business. But, you don't get to see home a lot or family. If you are single with no life other than work. Challenger is the place for you.

Points positifs

great company, good benefits, good pay

Points négatifs

not family friendly, long hours, too long on the road
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Lot of sitting.

The hardest part of the job,"aside from backing"is the sitting.Sitting while driving from point A to point B.Sitting waiting to be unloaded,sitting in traffic.Being more active is more for me.

Points positifs

visiting new places, seeing the continent.

Points négatifs

eating healthy and staying fit is difficult.
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Long Haul Driver chez Challenger Motor Freight Inc.

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