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Driver Manager6 avis
Canada6 avis

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3,1Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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it was a job,

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I do not wish to comment on my time at this company, I would not want things getting back to anyone, I thank them for the opportunity and that is all I have to say
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Good for a first job, not long term

Things change once you’ve been working a few months there. It won’t take long for you to see the difference Backstabbing & belittling is normal You will meet some great staff that are in similar roles(not managers/supervisors)You’ll meet some great DriversOwner, and top leadership members are greatTrust no one How much stress/anxiety can you handle? Lots? Then you’ll be ok. Busy days, working with drivers. Getting loads to their destination.

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Social committee, outdoor patio, decent cafeteria, large parking lot

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First few months are ok, then things change, everything else
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Good place to work

I worked at Elgin Motor Freight in London as a Driver Manager and only left because my shift couldn't work with my life anymore and I choose to take a job working from home. Management/Supervisors for the most part are great, specifically the 2 I interacted with, and they have a fountain of knowledge which they have no problem sharing. The job could be quite demanding and I left just as I was starting to get the hang of it but they are understanding so it never felt like you couldn't make a mistake. Some of your direct co-workers can be demanding and hard to work with but it's because it's important to them that the job be done right so it isn't personal, they're also willing to help you learn.

Points positifs

Good People, Good Managers

Points négatifs

I didn't love the start and finish times of my shift, a nitpick really.
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Too much management unfair practises

Pay was average but constantly expected to switch hours around to accomodate their needs and never thanked for doing so. Benefits were expensive and no company contributions to rrsp. Way too much management. Lots of favoritism. Saw really good employees get fired and many that should have been fired are still there. Raises were non existant.
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Not the greatest - very loud noise environment. Management would often ridicule others in front of everyone else. Shift was 7am-4pm but would be kept late every night for meetings

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high stresed enviornment

learned how to manage 30 to 70 truck drivers most keep to them selves dealing with the stress working with a nice team member , there are 2 teams

Points positifs

once done for the day someone else takes over

Points négatifs

each day they want you to do more work
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