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Dorval, QC13 avis

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3,1Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Good to learn i was hoping for long haul , dorval division mostly do east coast
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Great for new drivers

New drivers are well taken care of, strongly encourage. The area is well maintained I.e. Washrooms showers and lounge. No forced dispatch, friendly dispatch who know you by your name and not only by your truck number.
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Hard to get good miles

Been there for almost a year now, going away 4-6 weeks at a time, never late, always keep them updated on my eta, gentle on gas, no safety issues, no violation.Had some 3000+miles/week, but their logistics is inefficient, they'll end your day and next morning they send you to one of their yard to pu a trl that was there since 2 days. They're constantly training new driver and all good drivers struggle to get miles. It's a rookie mill and they want it to stay this way so it's cheap drivers. Averaging 2000-2500$/week
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Don’t waste your time

I worked there for almost 1 year, biggest mistake I have ever made. In the beginning they sell you this big dream but you soon realize there all lies. How do they continue to win awards? Honestly they probably pay to win. Plus the management nothing but bullies and like to cover things up. Just terrible I wouldn’t even give 1 star

Points positifs

The day I left

Points négatifs

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Dorval branch is family oriented, they treat you like a person not a number…

Working at the Dorval branch of Challenger Motor Freight has been an amazing experience so far!! They are supportive, understanding, and family oriented. I have experienced many aspects of the company, from highway driver/driver trainer, dry van and heavy board, to city driver, to yard driver trainer, to helping out at recruiting events. This is the perfect company, especially for students coming out of schools cuz they prepare you fully to be out on the highways crossing the borders and living on the road safely as a trucker. And you get paid for the training!! Well maintained equipment (2016-2022 trucks; their own garage does the maintenance and repairs), bonuses, awards for safe/accident free driving, constant work, etc. I highly recommend Challenger Motor Freight Dorval branch!!!
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très bonne place

Pour y avoir travailler pendant 14 ans j'ai été bien traiter j"y retournerais si ils me faisait signe n"importe quand.merci

Points positifs


Points négatifs

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It is a mixed bag.

Company is mindful about safety and invest much in training & re-training of drivers to improve safety. They also have a functional workshop that do all to keep vehicles in good shape.
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Loved my experience

Absolutely loved my experience working at CMF! Learned much about fast paced CSR. Our branch manager was on the ball, the dispatch team was like a well oiled machine. Teamwork was a must. The clients were solid and our drivers went out of their way to get the job done! I would go back if my situation permitted.
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Good place to work for.

Excellent transportation company. Very understanding people to work with, very helpful, etc. Very good training program for beginners. Very easy to deal with dispatchers to help you with any problem you encounter on the road. Unfortunately, it was my decision to leave because of family crisis. Would return in a heartbeat.
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Good place work considering very difficult invirerment to work in .cut throat industry.alaways trying to give best tools possible for their e mployes to work with.always putting family first.

Points positifs

Great eqiupment and social benifits

Points négatifs

Long hrs
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Excellente entreprise de transport longue distance

Transport sur longue distance idéal pour célibataire sans enfants. Le management consciencieux et respectueux. Un peu difficile de combiner bon millage et retour à la maison à toutes les semaines. Meilleure opportunité de faire de l'argent sur plusieurs semaines.

Points positifs

Respect des dates de retour à la maison

Points négatifs

Difficile de combiner retour fréquent à la maison et bon salaire
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Very bad company

I work for this company fot almost 2 years... most of the time wearing at the shipper or consignee to get a load...after you finish one trip you have to wait for minimum 4 h to get something they get mad if you call or ask for a load...there is not time between home and work...driver manager they don't care what happen to you... mechanic when they are happy they do very good job but when they aren't is avarage for a truck company.. always you have one good week around 1700 and 2000 miles the next week they cut your miles..

Points positifs

Insurance for you and family very good

Points négatifs

No time between home and work
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Good, professional company.

A better than average trucking company, with a strong commitment to safety. Friendly. Well organized.Like all "over-the-road" (irregular non-repeated routing), the hours are tough, though within regulated guidelines.Somewhat outside my regular work, but a wonderful experience for a few years. I certainly got the need to drive large trucks over long distances out of my system. Glad I did it, though a non-standard career move.

Points positifs

camaraderie, independence once out of the yard. saw lots of two countries.

Points négatifs

hours, boredom, being away from friends and family, rigours of driving.
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