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Aldergrove, BC6 avis

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3,1Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Challenger is a good name for that company

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Hired as a new long-haul driver, I was plagued with breakdowns on almost every run! This was a challenge for my patience! Home time was also very unbalanced. I Cannot have a home life. Frequent breakdowns translates to loss of income. You only make decent money if you are almost always on the road AND if you have reliable trucks. It was a challenge to my patience. My last breakdown was the icing on the cake. Was left stranded for days!! On the flipside, when things did go well (rarely) it was not bad. This job is good for someone who wants to be always on the road and doesn't mind the crazy runs at odd hours and breakdowns.

Points positifs

Benefit packages.

Points négatifs

Truck reliability, communication
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Good start, bad career

Good training program for new drivers to get initial experience and a foot in the door of the industry. Over time though extremely poor company to work for, low pay for professional driving industry and absolute garbage management that's treats you like meat. New drivers should work there for a year to gain experience then move on.

Points positifs

Training program.

Points négatifs

Away from home. Poor pay. Horrible management.
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Good Solid Company

Challenger is a good solid company with modern well maintained equipment. Safety is very important to them so they are constantly watching what you are doing. This shouldn't be an issue to you if you are a safe driver.

Points positifs

Stable company, modern well maintained equiptment

Points négatifs

Driving long haul there wasn't a very good work/life balance
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Good company, undergoing internal changes

Staff was great to work with, Too many internal changes happening because the head off ice is back east. Drivers and internal staff always assisted each other in the Aldergrove office. Ocer all a fun place to work.
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Time to move on

When I first started with Challenger it was exciting, I was a new driver with a big company. The recruiter seemed very friendly and helpful, now when I walk by him he doesn't even know I'm there. Training was excellent! They really go out of their way to make sure your ready before they put you in a truck! Front office reception girls are wonderful, to bad they moved them in the back, at least they said hi to you when you came into the office. The dispatchers have always treated me good, I can just imagine the stress they have to deal with, listening to all the complaints from the drivers. The company is very saftey minded in some ways, unless it involves spending money on things the truck needs. Drivers are all brothers, care about each other, except for a few grumpy ones. I would love to stay with Challenger if there was room for advancment. I have seen so many good drivers leave in the past year, it's crazy! Why wouldn't the company at least make an effort to keep them. They just don't care because they are always training a new guy. Truck tires need to be almost bald before they will replace them. Overall I feel like a number here, not a team player.. Not once has one of the senior staff ever asked me how I was doing. It's always me that initiates the "hello, how are you?" then you get a short almost puzzeled response of, do I know you? after 2 years of working here. There are times I feel very alone at Challenger, fortunately the other drivers are there for you when you need someone to talk too, unfortunately the conversation is mostly negative. - 

Points positifs

reasonable pay, keep the equipment running, reliable gas cards, you have to really screw up before they fire you. they give you time off when you need it.

Points négatifs

No pay increases, you feel like a number, lots of waiting for loads, no room for advancment.
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Good Company Never had a problem Getting payed

The reason for some of the lower mars is that I felt that Challenger sometimes pushed their Drivers a bit too hard and it takes a tole on them. There are drivers out there that hard is never hard enough, nad they are always wanting to push the limits of what they can do and this company will let you do that as long as you can keep it all legal.

Points positifs

lots of work

Points négatifs

hard to get time off if you need it and they are always pusing you to go.
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