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Good to learn i was hoping for long haul , dorval division mostly do east coast
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Mostly a fun place to work

This place would be much better if the director didn't micromanage down to counting bandaids (literally).Employees who clock in at 6:30 am but do nothing until 8 and then have a twenty minute smoke break at 8:30 are given the royal treatment! They're even allowed to fix their vehicle in the parking lot on company time and with company parts!Selling customers property is also allowed.
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The best place to work

Excellent team to work with. Basically everything you want as an mechanic employee. The shop manager treats you with full respect and fully understanding
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If you want trucking Challenger is the place to be

What is the best part of working at the company?Very organized and pay always on time. They have plenty of work and respect seniority. What is the most stressful part about working at the company?Inter-departmental communication What is the work environment and culture like at the company?The best! Nothing to complain about
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Sneaky and manipulative

Pay is very small, job duties and role changes constantly. Every week rules are changed and you are given mpre responsibility. Respect and common decency is not there.
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Agencies not pay as they commit

Company is good, equipments are awesome,work culture is good.dispatch team is very experienced.hiring agencies will not pay you as they commit so be careful by them.

Points positifs

Good equipments

Points négatifs

Hiring thro agencies
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Mat leave contract

I worked in the Breakdown Department for 13 months. I would be open to working for CMF again. I worked 6am to 6pm Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Fridays were kinda crazy. Saturday/Sunday were generally pretty dead.
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Lots of work

Good people good equipment nice runs, small pay, recommend for beginners , fuel solution is the biggest issue for me to deal on daily basis, this company is average on my opinion
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Nothing but lies..

Worked here for a few years and everything was terrible from the micromanaging in my department to the incredibly low pay. Their annual review process is a complete joke. They tell you to complete this ridiculous 20 page questionnaire, listing “ smart goals” are “ core values “ that you are working on. It’s virtually impossible to complete if you have job with the same day to day responsibilities. In the end I learned that they use it as ammunition so they can give you a pathetic .30 cents/ hour raise. I’ve since moved on and couldn’t be happier. For a company that says they put their people first, they really have so much to learn.
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Unfair company

The old drivers there will fire any new drivers or most of them because they don't want new drivers take their places So don't waste your time with this company
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Poorly Run

Inconsistent miles. Sitting around for days waiting to get a load. Sometimes 1700 miles a week….if you’re lucky. When you get a load, there’s no empty trailers. You search the yard and then start going to all the customers where there may be an empty, but probably not. Planners and dispatch give good loads to their buddies. Constant conflict with management who take no accountability for their responsibilities, instead they just blame others. Some dispatch employees still have no clue after a few years on the job. This puts added burden on the ones who want to do a good job and make a difference. You can see the office support staff is so poorly managed that it shows in their lack of motivation. There’s a lot of talented people there whose skills are being wasted. The pay is poor, not only by $/mile but by limited miles. You cannot support a family on what they give you. I can only assume the other areas of the business are feeling this stress too, which again leads to a poor work culture.

Points positifs

Excellent driver’s lounge

Points négatifs

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Over all a great company to work for.

A great company to work for. Very knolidgable and helpful. Pay could be better. Trucks are well maintained. Satellite communications, electronic logs.

Points positifs

To many benefits to list

Points négatifs

A lot of paper work. Satellite communications need improvement
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Worst place to work ever! Beware!

This is by far the WORST experience I have ever experienced in the work force. The managers here are the most stuck up and are so afraid to see someone else grow that they will make you feel like your garbage.No work life balance. No respect No company culture you are always getting watched. This place is a mess and needs new management and staff and less discrimination. This place will give you mental health issues. Stay away!

Points positifs


Points négatifs

You get treated like garbage
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Great company to work for as a newbie!

Fantastic finishing course, well organized and structured. Really setting you up for success. Dispatchers are competent and maybe not super quick but you are supported and taken care of. Awesome maintenance and break down program! You may work alone, but you're never on your own!

Points positifs

Great driver support, good pay, reliable, awesome culture
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Don’t waste your time

I worked there for almost 1 year, biggest mistake I have ever made. In the beginning they sell you this big dream but you soon realize there all lies. How do they continue to win awards? Honestly they probably pay to win. Plus the management nothing but bullies and like to cover things up. Just terrible I wouldn’t even give 1 star

Points positifs

The day I left

Points négatifs

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Decent place to work

Decent place to work. But they don’t pay well. They have brand new trucks but they don’t pay well. The repair shop in Cambridge us an absolute disaster they don’t fix things on time

Points positifs

New trucks

Points négatifs

Not enough money
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Back stabbing everywhere and very low pay

Would not work for a terrible sell out company where you really are disposable and just a number. No respect, do not care if you spend hours waiting at a boarder because it's always your fault. No support

Points négatifs

Bad maintenance, bad fleet, bad management, bad dispatch, terrible pay etc
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Great team but low $/mile compared to competition

The team was great to work with, always friendly & helpful. Repairs were always done immediately and correctly. When a unit was miled out it was replaced.
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Great place to start but Run away after a year and dont look back

Great training program for new drivers. Have old equipment kept telling me I was going to get a new truck but that never happened. Truck was breaking down every week. Management is a Joke. Don't sign the 1 year contract !
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Endroit extraordinaire pour travailler

Équipe géniale avec qui travailler Et respectueux des chauffeurs et des horraires meilleur place que j ai travaillé si sa serais pas de mon accident je serais encore pour cette entreprise .Ils m'ont aider énormément après l événement pour que je sois capable de travailler encore dans le domaine mais j en suis incapable sinon je serais encore avec eux . Félicitations a cette entreprise et leur équipe .

Points positifs

Respect dea chauffeur
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Typical trucking job

They have a top notch training program for newly licensed drivers. If you're new to the industry its a great place to start But for the amount of time you're on the road away, the pay isn't really worth the sacrifice. Though challenger has good equipment and you will never be asked or forced to do anything illegal (operate faulty equipment, drive over your allowed HOS)

Points positifs

Good equipment, friendly co workers. Excellent training program

Points négatifs

Below average pay IMHO
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