Challenger Motor Freight Inc.
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Avis des employés pour Challenger Motor Freight Inc. (Mississauga, ON)

AZ Truck Driver (Mississauga, ON)
le 21 mai 2021
great training losy pay.
great place to get training, but to advance, or earn more money, well lets just say there are people working there earning $21/h after 15 years. thats scarry, and disrespectfull, of the company to these people. they say they apreciate u, but to get ahead or get a raise, im not sure what u have to do. someone toled me u need to make friends, but what abot a job well done? works for work not to make...
Truck Driver (Mississauga, ON)
le 21 septembre 2023
Excellent training
There’s good training here and they really clearly care about their employees. Management checks in with you regularly and makes sure you have everything you need to be successful.
AZ Driver (Mississauga, ON)
le 22 avril 2023
Agencies not pay as they commit
Company is good, equipments are awesome,work culture is good.dispatch team is very experienced.hiring agencies will not pay you as they commit so be careful by them.
Truck Driver (Mississauga)
le 27 novembre 2021
Low miles low pay
Low pay , low miles , all east coast unless if you’re friends with planner , avoid at all costs , training program good but they get subsidized by the government to provide that
Driver (missisauga )
le 6 avril 2021
New drivers never join them, they gonna exploit you
very bad management, they will train you and then tie you in contract, never do a contract with them because then you are stuck with them for a year and they will exploit you and your time in every possible way. You will be working 14-16 hours in all parts of US and Canada earning less than minimum wage. Its really frustating every day at work. Fake promises by them when signing contract. After th...

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