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I was at CAMH for a totoal of 13 years, 10 years spent in Research and 3 years in a Clinical enviroment. Overall I enjoyed the years at CAMH.
Admin. Secretary (Ancien employé) –  DDRS Satellite Office @ 501 Queen Street West20 novembre 2013
Every day was hectic, especially Monday’s and Wednesday’s if there were clinics being held.

A typical day would start at 7:30 a.m. I would unlock the filing cabinets; check the mail box to see if Canada Post had delivered any mail the previous day after I had left the office. I would then spend an hour or doing some filing.

Check my emails to see if any of the clinicians had sent me an email regarding letters requesting client information from outside hospitals and/or agencies. I would also check to see if Dr. Liu had sent me a report to be sent out. I would format the report and check it for grammatical and/or spelling errors. As these reports went out to family Doctors and outside agencies that the client may be involved with (i.e. Surrey Place Centre) and the client’s family.

One the most important aspects of the Admin position was admitting clients by registering them in ADT, after the client was admitted if they were a new client ADT would give them a client number as well as an14 digit encounter number. If the client had been previously admitted to CAMH they would already have a six digit client number and would only be assigned an encounter number.

I developed a tracking sheet where I would list the client, make note of the client and encounter and Health Record numbers as well as who the clinician was that was involved with the client. I would then make note of them on the Excel CASE List on the Intake sheet, as well as make note that of this on the tracking sheet.
If there happen to be request for information attached to the admittance I would do
  plus... the letters up and send them out immediately via fax to the various agencies and/or hospitals.

On Mondays/Wednesdays if there happen to be a clinic for a client as we were a locked down facility I would be answering the door every time someone arrived for the meeting, which could be quite distracting.

I would take minutes at DDRS business meetings which occurred once a month.

At the beginning I would enter the visits into ADT for billing, the number of visits could range anywhere from 200 – 500 in total sometime more.

Also, part of my position was to make sure any invoices (i.e. Bell, purchases made by the clinicians or G&T orders were processed and applied to the applicable cost centre) I would then put them in the Manager’s mail slot for signature, once they were signed I would photocopy them, send the original to Finance for processing and file the copy in a binder alphabetically; so they would be easily accessible at the end of each fiscal year.

I also would order things (i.e. books, special equipment for the Physiotherapist, Nurse and the Psychologist)

The clinicians I worked with were great, I enjoyed working with them for the 3 years I was at DDRS. I became friends with one of the Intake Co-ordinator's.

I learned a lot from the staff regarding Dual Diagnosis, and working with mentally challenged clients. There were a few of the clients that I came to know and I would chat with the parents sometimes when while they were waiting for their child to come out of their meeting with the Clinician.

I kept a jar of Werther's Orginal's sitting on my desk and there was one young man that came in and would always ask me if he could have one. He would call me Mom.

We would celebrate everyone’s birthday, getting a birthday card for the person and everyone would sign it.
Points positifs
We would get together as a group after work every once in a while.
Points négatifs
Sometimes the hours could be long, answering the door constantly could be very distracting.
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Equilibre vie professionnelle / personnelle
Salaire / avantages sociaux
Sécurité de l'emploi / évolution de carrière
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Research Assistant (Ancien employé) –  Toronto, ON12 novembre 2019
I entered data and analysed data and consolidated patient documentation. I organised files, collected consent forms and did other various administrative tasks.
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Equilibre vie professionnelle / personnelle
Salaire / avantages sociaux
Sécurité de l'emploi / évolution de carrière
Culture d'entreprise
Poor salary - not competative
Implementation Specialist (Employé actuel) –  CAMH6 novembre 2019
Many non-union positions for CAMH indicated competative salary and benefits and do not state the rate of pay.
Rarely are these positions having competative pay - the pay is often far lower than what it should be for the qualifications listed - really disappointing for a large organization.
And many contract positions with little job security.
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