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Très bon avantages sociaux belles équipes de direction mais c'est tout salaire merdique aucun concret pleins de belles paroles et on a profité de moi je ne suis vraiment pas la seule ambiance d'équipe mauvaise de type hiérarchique très heureuse d'être parti

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Tout le travail et l'environement
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Good team

The red deer location has a very good team to get along and work with. It’s very fast paced and lots of multi tasking to be done : attention to detail is a must have in this position, the phones are always ringing and there is always work to be done !
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Overworked underpaid stressed out

Title says it all. Does not matter the position, br prepared to sacrifice everything just to stay afloat. You live in constant fear of getting fired or having hours added with no extra pay. Just avoid

Points positifs

Great coworkers

Points négatifs

Long hours, paperwork that’s unnecessary and excessive, upper management doesn’t care
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Direct Support Specialist

A typical day varies on client to client as some clients are more complicated than others. Each client has their own needs. Management can be a bit messy so you have to know your way around such that you initiate the contact and emails. Once you get hold of people in the management, then it will be fairly easy to communicate with them. The workplace culture is interesting as unexpectedly, majority of the people I worked with are from a specific ethic background, which means there are specific behaviours and attitudes I had to learn - which was not easy at first. It is essential to get along with your co-workers as a typical shift is 12 hours - which means it is difficult to brush off issues and ignore people you do not like. I typically enjoy the activities I take part-in with the client.

Points positifs

Management is friendly and approachable, there are also opportunities for advancement and different trainings.

Points négatifs

Long hours, pay can be stagnant (based on workers who have been here for awhile), coworkers can be unprofessional
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I had a great Manager at my work time

Supportive and friendly coordinators and managers. Excellent and very committed PSWs. Pay was not great but stress level was not to high. So it balanced it out.I worked over 8 years with passion and love.

Points positifs

Sometimes free lunches.

Points négatifs

Being on calls.
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Great place to work

Growth opportunities and lots of work available. Can be stressful but the line of work is demanding. Benefits are great . Clients are what really make this job.
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Unproductive and toxic workplace

No regards for front line staff. Shortage of staff and available staff are overworked. Pay is low when compared with other agencies,management knows about that, but they don't care
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Productive and fun workplace

It was a great place to work. Enjoyed the setting and the flexible hours. Was allowed to use gym. The place was very well equipped and the staff was knowledgeable and friendly. Highly recommend.
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is a great agency to work with. They always try to get jobs for their employees. They are always ready at any given time to help their employees and make sure they get the best treatment they deserve.
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Extremely High Turnover Rate

Fantastic nurses and lower level administrators. The local team is great at making due and is full of talent. Leadership falls apart at local and regional levels due to almost zero training resources, and extremely high turnover.A feeling of emphasis on the importance of profitability over patient care is the norm without being pointed out directly.

Points positifs

The administrators and nurses really care at site level

Points négatifs

Lowest pay in industry, Ridiculously high turnover, near zero training
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Terrible work place

Pay is terrible, they don't care about their employees, never have money, no support from anyone anywhere in the company. Do not work here. Waste of time.
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Lots of houses if you want to work. Nice meeting the clients

I loved my time at CBI, I worked with a very good coordinator, lots of hours as long as you have time to work. Fast paced as well. The pay was good. I’ll recommend the company
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Very disorganized at the time. Too many patients and not enough appointment time. Appointment duration times are set too short that you're behind within an hour. Very little training or direction from management. But management wasn't very organized in itself. Was not an inviting or comfortable work environment.
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Great place to work, and very welcoming co-workers. Good pay, and lots of hours available if needed. Very rewarding career with lots of chances to advance in the company.
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Don't work

Terrible company. Low wages. No support. Extremely poor management. Co workers that take naps instead of work. All in all I wouldn't recommend to my worst enemy
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Very biased and stressful work culture

They treat u like a number, do not care about your skills and patients feedback, work environment is very stressful and you are always under a microscope and have to keep proving even after 2-3 years why you should be employed. If you can stay away from this company.
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Hours are good but company is unorganized and management in office are rude. Team is great and the people good staff are always angry because they are overworked
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Poor management

managers stops communication and encourages unfairness. the manager only blame the burnt out staff not doing everything for the others. They would also threat you of bad performance note. you would be a bad team player if you not doing others’ job. No understanding or effective communication from the management team.

Points positifs


Points négatifs

Forced to stay to work, ill management, oncalls refuse to do their job, forced to continue working within health threatening environment
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Great Company

This company supports their employees. They are focused on what matters to the employee and not their own needs. They want to keep their staff, so constantly working to improve their company.
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Good Shifts

As part of the scheduling team having a job that was a straight shift and Monday to Friday was very nice, as it allowed you to plan. Work life balance can quickly go out of wack if you don't establish proper boundaries with field staff.
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Great place to learn new skills.

I had very supportive colleagues however I felt overworked and overwhelmed with daily tasks at work. I do recommend this clinic if one prefers working in a corporate healthcare setting.
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