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Si vous deviez quitter CBI Health Group, quelle en serait la raison?

6 réponses

Office closure

Work safe is trying to get me out of here as there help is not even second rate. I have never seen such high turnover in my life. Absolutely terrible management in Burnaby. Since I started being more vocal and standing up for myself the last 2 months, I have seen 1 higher up but only to bring me some cleaner so I clean my mattress myself of the mold I have told them about for months. Don't know what to do about all cob webs and spider webs yet. Health reporter is coming soon. Apparently, I learnt that even Fraser health knew about the street drugs here. Stay tuned

Low starting wages and long waiting period for increase in wages. People gotta eat, rent is expensive. Turnover at CBI is high, why?

Poor management.
Poor pay.

Therapists treated progressively less professionally with respect to both the professional practice aspects of their career, and the more functional, operational aspects of therapist employment.

Because the company is closing down, I love working at CBI its an awesome job going in and helping people everyday!!!

Poor management, poor pay, heartless profit-first policy

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