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Quels conseils donneriez-vous à la Direction de CBI Health Group pour améliorer l'entreprise?

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Increase the pay!

Personally, I would stop expanding so quickly, your company is far from being a caring place, hire someone that looks at things black and white, way to many lazy people and to many without motivation, it certainly has effected my time here. Not one person came to my room after shoulder replacement surgery to see how I was. Even not able to get the aid to make me something to eat the day I got home. Bedroom and especially the bathroom was filthy, infection is common as I had what is considered, major surgery. Get experienced nurses, lpn is full of lies and Story telling. Tired of hearing how busy he is, I guess I needed to have more wrong than bi lateral shoulder replacement surgery and a traumatic brain injury. If I was younger and healthy like I was a year and a half ago at 57, I would have slapped him. Totally out of his element as is business manager.

Put effective, creative and resourceful managers in place who are passionate about working with people and who use positive reinforcement at every opportunity. Creating an effective team in a harmonious work environment can easily be achieved when the manager's daily focus (aside from paperwork) is the staff they are responsible to.

Pay a living wage to all employees for starters eh.
In addition, I am trying to start a service (not only in the home) but helping people connect/ belong with the community/ their neighbourhood and their city. Would you help me with this and/or even create a paid job position with me..

FYI. I have received over $8000.00 in services from CBI (The second level of auto insurance...I am very grateful to CBI (City of Kitchener. Ontario, Canada) The physiotherapists. kinesiologists and the occupational therapist was quite important in my recovery with physical and psychiatric challenges.

Follow up closely with staff at each office and see if any of them are truly happy or just going for a paycheque purpose only.

Perhaps you need to take a better look at what type of people you put into management positions. And perhaps you should visit some intake departments and observe certain employees and they're vulgar conversations.

Get proper management

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