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Quelles sont les étapes du processus de recrutement chez CBI Health Group?

12 réponses

I enjoyed the personality test component.

Standard life

As standard

Super easy but very rushed. Wouldn't want my worst enemy working there as they belittle you and treat you like trash and expect the world after that.

1) Recruiter phone interview
2) Completed online technical evaluation

3) In person interview with Technical Team Lead and Software Architect

4) Completed personality assessment

5) Received job offer

Phone screening interview, office manager interview, phone hiring manager interview, got phone call job offer, 3 hrs later got phone call rescinding job offer because hiring manager didn't check to see if it was an internal hire position. Good news: I beat out internal applicants for job. Bad news: didn't get job in the end.

Very easy. It’s an entry level job so as long as you have some experience with kids, you will be fine.

They take forever to get back to you, a lot of mixed communication with management and HR. Not getting orientated before starting your shift.

An hour long

Interview process asking about qualification and criminal police certificate vaccination

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