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Cashco Financial is a group of financial companies: Cash Canada Financial, Settlement Lenders Inc. and Carco Auto

Cash Canada Financial

We get it. You need cash to bridge the gap. You don’t want to explain the situation or wait for an answer, or be turned away. Who knows? You may need more next week, next month, or next year, but you are only
 – plus... concerned about right now because now is when you need the cash.

Facing a cash crisis is difficult, facing it alone is even harder. The good news is that you are not alone. Cash Canada Financial is in your corner, giving you access to a support network of friendly people. We want to give you a hand up by handing you cash. We know what you are feeling, we believe in your potential and are grateful for the opportunity to be the one sure thing that you can rely on.

Settlement Lenders Inc.

For over 20 years Settlement Lenders have provided lawsuit loans, settlement loans and advances of settlement money to claimants in the Canadian market with pending lawsuits who need money now. Simply put “We are Experts on all forms of lawsuit loans and settlement advances”.

If you need a:

-Settlement Loan

-Lawsuit Loan

-Inheritance Loan

-Settlement Advance

-Settlement Money

-Cash for your Settlement

-Accident Claim Advance

-Medical Malpractice Loan

-Divorce Loan

This kind of financing is also commonly referred to as Lawsuit Loan, Lawsuit Loans, Lawsuit Advance, Settlement Loans, Settlement Money, Settlement Cash, Cash for Settlement, Inheritance, Inheritance Loans, Accident Claims, Accident Claim loans, Pre-settlement Loans, Settlement Loans, Litigation Loans, Litigation Lending, Personal Injury Loans, Personal Injury Funding, Personal Injury Advances, Law Firm Loans, Law Firm Financing, Law Firm Funding, Legal Funding, Legal Loans, Legal Financing, Disbursement Loans, Disbursement Financing, Disbursement Funding, Litigation Funding, Litigation Financing, Settlement Advances, Settlement Financing.

We can help. We can get you the cash you need, when you need it!

Carco Auto

Carco is one of western Canada's leading used car loans and car sales services for bad credit car loans. Carco is a direct lender Carco specializes in car loans for bad credit in the provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan and BC. Bad credit car loans are for people who think they have a low credit rating, none at all, or have been turned down in the past. Carco provides car loans for bad credit and has a 100% approval rate for bad credit car loans.

Carco specializes in bad credit car loans for people who cannot get pre-approved for a car loan by traditional financing institutions such as the major banks, credit unions and car manufacturer such as Ford Credit and GMAC. Most direct lenders view a low credit score as bad credit. Carco on the other hand specializes in bad credit car loans.

Bad Credit Car Loans are normally funded by the dealer and then later assigned or sold to a finance company. Some companies are direct lenders like Carco that specialize in bad credit car loans. We understand that just because people presently have bad credit due to circumstances that happen in life, doesn't mean they will have permanent bad credit.
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