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Cash 4 You Corp.
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What is the company culture at Cash 4 You Corp.?

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Sales are definitely a key measure. Results oriented. Transparent.

It's a best place to work with. Best online and practical trainings provided to be the best customer service representative with alot of opportunities to advance in career in short period. All employees work as a team and help each other to learn more about the tasks at work. Employee appreciations and commissions and bonuses on weekly basis make the job more exciting as everyone engage themselves to complete their targets putting all their efforts. I love working here.

Nice and corporate colleague

Sales culture. Transparent.

Everyone I met treated me very kindly

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Smart. Intelligence. Adaptive.

Stressful culture

Fast paced, lots of learning, performance expectations are high, rewarding

Fun, friendly, & driven!

Never a dull moment!

Lots of opportunities for advancement and growth

It is the worst culture anyone can think of. Pressure and stress in what makes up their culture

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