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Quelle est la politique en termes de congés payés chez Cash 4 You Corp.?

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Managers are given 2 weeks paid. However good luck getting it off. CSRs no vacation at all. Getting any time off depends on your manager. By manager I mean district manager. Branch managers have no control.

4% of your wages as a start and grows with years of service.
It’s up to you if you want it paid out at year end or take your time off.

Two week offs with pay.

2 weeks paid vacation. It’s on every pay cheque. By law.

None! They expect stores to run with as little as 2 people .. With the hours being 363 days a year 9 am to 9pm.

Vacations are not permitted. The company has no staff memebers, and will encoruage you not to take time off.

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