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17 questions

8.5-9 hour days plus Saturdays; no breaks, 15 min lunch if you're lucky

Réponse du 4 novembre 2019

Fast they are always looking .
Du to bad management. .

Réponse du 12 janvier 2020

Very nasty & unmainanted shop the whole shop is dusty with cobwebs & garbage, the washroom was just disgusting & I would use the one in the office until the manager complained so I had to clean it. The lunch room is covered in dust & garbage, all everyone does including the manager is smoke cigarettes in the shop

Réponse du 18 août 2020

Having to keep the body guys happy because they are all that matter while garbage and scrap literally thrown at you and management refused to do anything about it

Réponse du 13 mars 2020

Poor management at store level, no opportunity for advancement

Réponse du 14 janvier 2020

That place is going down

Réponse du 18 août 2020

Great benefit package for a family

Réponse du 30 septembre 2019

Pay better you can't expect top caliper work for such little pay and benefits are terrible

Réponse du 1 mars 2019
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