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Vos supérieurs sont-ils facilement abordables chez Carquest?

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Remove the favouritism that seems to be rampant in this company as it’s not what you know but who you know and pay us for the expertise that you’ve employed us to provide

Don't expect to grasp full functionality of counter sales. You practically have to be a mechanic to answer questions posed by mechanics. Without in-depth and on going training, not just parts but the computer system, good luck. With such high demands the wage is definitely not in line with the role. And, managers shouldn't simply be managers because they have experience with the parts or system they should have some management skills at minimal from on going training. But, major corporations don't get metrics, especially the costs associated with turnover. Their shallow tunnel vision is to keep wages low, and if you take the long hours, the mismanagements then you're good.

Make the employees part of the team

Pay should be higher.

Have an incentive program for the employees and benefits. This means a lot to the labour force today. Have periodic work get togethers so the team gels together.

Work with their hires towards their career goals....if they support their employees they will reciprocate. Give people incentives to do more. Stop being so rigid, we live in a different world where flexibility is more valuable than money. Don't be cheap...if you educate your employees you will gain from them and others with talent will flock to the company.

Work with store managers

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