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Carewest : carrières et emplois

À propos de l'entreprise

  • Taille de l'entreprise
    1 001 à 5 000
  • Chiffre d'affaires
    100 $ à 500 $ millions (CAD)
  • Secteur d'activité
    Soins de santé
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Nursing Assistant (George Boyack.)
le 7 septembre 2021
Not the best place to work
Typical day at work, I find a song to sing. I've learned that workers are not supported, Managers does not support staff, lots of backlashing, workplace culture at first I thought it was multicultural, but it's very one sided. The hardest part of the job was trusting the people who are leaders. The most enjoyable part of the job is taking care of the resident and putting a smile on their face.
Personal Care Attendant (Calgary, AB)
le 19 mars 2021
It's fun working with Carewest, they have family get together
Working at Carewest gives me confidence, Understanding, and help me work heard to accept the things I love to do ,help others to be courteous
Recreation Aide (Garrison Green)
le 16 mars 2021
Daily work hours, gives you a feeling of fulfillment. Can be a fun place to work with great resources and training.
The most enjoyable part of my day was doing one on one care and recreation to the clients. I also enjoyed going on outings with the residents. Helping with some grooming tasks was very important to the residents.
Registered Nurse (Sargent Park, MB)
le 12 janvier 2021
Ever visited Manilla in the Philippines ? Well apply to Carewest!
First to start I want to say that the patient care & work will be the slightest bit of your worries when it comes to this organization. The best way to address & call attention to these issues is going through individual topics so let’s us begin.Nursing assistance - In nursing it is our rightful duty to put patient care & needs first. We all collectively work as a team to achieve this goal but it seems like other staff members working here don’t feel the same. Nurses often Lpn & RN’s feel as if they do not need to assist NA’s to answer a bell completely disregarding if a patient is in distress or not. Often times bells go on for upwards to a half hour without being answered because of lack of teamwork. I’m pretty sure we are supposed to advocate for our patients in healthcare not leave them stranded. So if your team member is too busy to lend a helping hand as patient care is part of everyone’s scope of practice, don’t be surprised!Staff favoritism rascit behavior - this is a huge issue in this company! With 90% of the population from the Philippines including management it will be a small chance In heaven you being a Canadian will ever get a position here. Often times staff are hired here because they are phillipino & not because of they’re work ethic or performance. You will also find phillipinos who already have rotations at the hospitals somehow get a line with benefits automatically when they enter then building but when you apply there are “no jobs available”. Another thing is these people are the most terrible set to work with. They have no core understanding of teamwork everyone is back stabbing you and trying to take your job and give it to they’re family members or friends. If you are not one of them expect to be reported for minor things as well. They are extremely selfish people who only support they’re own kind & cover up mistakes for each other even at the expense of the patients. Chances are if they make a mistake you’ll never know! But you better be on your best foot if your Canadian or else your name will be in the managers office. Managerial staff- Often times the managers play into favouritism because they are from the Philippines as well. Most staff debriefings and meetings often feel like an episode of the show survivor where arguments of petty high school drama turn into mangers asking you to tell on each other like we’re voting to be kicked off the island. Often times management can barely devote time to this job because they are employed at 4 other places so things get missed all the time. Not everyone can be a manager & sometimes the overwhelming stressors of the job can be a bit over some peoples heads. It is very hard to manage other people’s conflicts and concerns in a work environment if you can barley manage your own life. Also Management in this building does an exceptionally well job at forcing other cultures out of lines and rotations just to provide availability for they’re own people to have steady work. The management has no self control addressing they’re staff in inappropriate language. Now you tell me, is this a healthy environment to work ? Senior staff - One thing about this company is the older staff take forever to retire. Often times they’re are staff working well over the legal retirement age sometimes 10 years past. Some of them even still work 2 jobs and as a result of that they are so exhausted they often fall asleep from just sitting down for 5 minutes. They are often scatter brained running around completely confused which makes it a very stressful environment to work. So they take extended vacations or go on relief which makes it harder for the regular staff because you are doing double duty. They are usually caring for people the same age as them so the patients end up getting lack lustre care due so them not keep up with the work load. Nap time for full time staff nurses: if you ever wanted a job where you can get paid to nap & earn a full time check work at Carewest as a staff nurse. Even though nurses have a way easier load then they’re nursing attendants for some reason they are just extremely tired on the half way mark of the shift. Once the time comes they have to take a mandatory nap for 1 hour curtesy of the Carewest company budget on day time shifts. So god forbid your client may need pain pills or nurse attention yes that can wait until they have a nap.The Kitchen also Charges for plastic utensils & packets of surgar: now I have worked may places and Carewest is the only place that chargers for these minor things.

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