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Why would you want to work at CarePartners?

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Why work at CarePartners? Because we offer...
Competitive wages & benefit packages;

Paid mileage AND travel time (front line employees);

Full and part-time positions available;

Great work-life balance;

Professional development & training to help you grow;

A supportive, collaborative team environment;

Technology to support you in your role;

Employee Assistance Program.....just to name a few!

9 mai 2019

Never again

You don't want to they are liars..

You wouldn't want to.

You wouldn't

They are the worst then and CBI don't work for either they don't care about there employees and they love to bully people and the union doesn't help

I like knowing what is expected of me on assignments.

I wouldn't unless they had supportive supervisors and managers to be a great team

I would never work for them again

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