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Comment fonctionne le processus de promotions chez CarePartners?

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For many positions within the organization such as front line (PSW, Nursing), wages are dependent upon grid levels or collective agreements that are in place at the time of hire. Increases in wages also vary with each position.

9 mai 2019

Company only pays $15.44 tops

A few years back, the PSW's got a 'wage enhancement'. If you were already at the top of the pay scale then, you didn't even get the full amount of the 3rd and final part of the enhancement.You were capped at "X" dollars. It doesn't matter how many hours of service you have in this case, you will never make more than "X". Contract agreement means nothing!

Rarely, and when they do it is next to nothing.

As per contract agreement in relation to hours worked and pay grade charts.

Fairly often .you can start with no training and they will train you and you can work up to more skilled tasks

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