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Comment décririez-vous l’ambiance de travail chez CarePartners?

11 réponses

Only one sided, management side..They do not care about the Patients and what patients want or need..

Culture is very supportive. If you have a question or concern, you Manager is there to bounce things off of. Never had a concern and enjoy working for CarePartners.

I like working here. I have worked in the community with other agencies and so far this one is the best. I feel very supported by my managers. I like independent work and I like that I can help my clients stay at home. It's not back breaking and I get to set my own pace. The scheduling is what you make of it. People complain but it seems that it you are reasonable you will be well treated. Having union is great. No favoritism from scheduling and no cherry picking from coworkers. There are rules that everyone has to follow and I think it is done well by this company. Patients seem to be very happy with their care.

Been here a year. As much as I hated the union, it has saved me from false accusations made by directors fav worker who gets preferential treatment.
Pay is pathetic. Stress extreme. Constantly feels like a no win situation for CSDC

It's rather negative. Management will bully you and you don't feel supported.

Bad. Don't work here

Unhealthy behaviour
Lead scheduler in St Catherine's office uses bullying tactics , to persuade PSW's to go out and fill visits, when scheduler knows very well , that Psw has worked a 12 hour day.

Management , Nursimg Supervisors , and schedulers are uneducated and hired off the street per say. Also , have disregard for the CA and each other. It's is a obvious culture of no discipline , therefore no accountability for their behaviour .

Clients have also been treated , and told they were liars when calling Suppevisors to discuss issues with service.

Bad very bad

Negative, unhealthy and unproductive

Positive. You get what you put in.

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