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What’s the worst part about working for Carea Community Health Centre?

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The worst part about working at Carea is the lack of “care” and recognition of staff for the hard work they do. We are taken advantage of constantly and are under appreciated. A little appreciation would be nice. Small gestures and kind words go a long way. We have voiced these concerns and are told, “well we did this one thing for you last year”...that’s nice and we appreciate it, but appreciation is not a one time event. Appreciation is ongoing.

Unfortunately the problem is that we have voiced our concerns clearly and loudly and still leadership does not listen. So the worst part about working here is not feeling heard or validated for our concerns. They say they are listening but unfortunately it often doesn’t get backed up with any sort of change or action. We are not asking for much. Just listen to us.

Bullying by adults is what is going on here. Two wrongs don't make a right. If you don't like the quality of work someone on the leadership team is doing, you shouldn't resort to school-yard bullying tactics. This type of behaviour says so much about the quality of person YOU are and says nothing about the people on the leadership team, specifically or grouped together.

Are you serious right now? You sad miserable people are the problem. You are bullying leadership. Why would you do this to HR staff? This is a bunch of bitter staff who can't move on. Go elsewhere, you are doing no one a service.

What should have been addressed in bargaining and part of the Collective Agreement is a Memorandum of Understanding requiring the HR Queen to undergo intensive psychological treatment. The HR Queen has deep pockets and doesn’t need more than $10 to supplement psychological treatment. It’s really just there as a token incentive to get the HR Queen into specialized treatment. The rest of us don’t need psychological services if the Leadership would treat us humanely.

Psychological services were not listed in the rambling rant of benefits because $10 toward the cost per session is hardly work discussing. Too bad that wasn’t addressed in bargaining

The worst part is that the HR Queen with the fragile ego refuses to use her “benefits” for psychological treatment (she conveniently left that off of her rambling list). Speaking of “benefits,” we could all benefit from her finding her way into treatment!

The worst part about working at Carea is contending with the inept and unqualified individuals who occupy positions of leadership. For example, HR keyboard warriors should stop pretending to be happy employees at Carea and come to terms with the fact that they are the ones breeding negativity and toxicity. The frontline workers who do great work are not the problem - the buck stops with those who lead (that's "Leadership 101"). It takes maturity and insight to realize that basic and fundamental fact, which true leaders have no problem grasping. Phoney leaders should hit the road.

The worst part about working at Carea is dealing with the bitterness and negativity from the people I work with. Comments are heard throughout the halls about the people running this smear campaign. Not trying to hide the fact that I am not hiding at all. This is being written by someone who is absolutely not in management or leadership. It is being written by a front line worker who really believes that if people think it is that bad at Carea, they should leave because they are no doubt adding to the negativity and toxicity. I would think it prudent for the people who hate working at Carea to ask themselves why they stay. Think of what you are doing to your mind and body coming to a place you hate so much day in and day out! Why don't the people writing the "nasty vitriol' turn that high powered perception on themselves? This is how "smart" and unaware the people spreading the negativity are.
Do yourselves and everyone at Carea who likes their job a favour and recognize how counter productive your statements are and just leave.

The worst part about working for Carea Community Health Centre is the nasty vitriol of the 'leadership' directed towards the honest, hard-working employees of the company. Even though it was been said, "This is not a masquerade ball," this has not stopped 'leadership' from donning the mask of the fictional happy employee to criticize the REAL employees of this place who are far from happy - and continuing to tell us to "LEAVE". This is a miserable place to work, and they are angry at everyone else because they cannot admit that they are the cause for the misery of this place - that would be too real and too honest for them to handle. They couldn't handle being honest with themselves if the honest truth hit them smack in the face - and the proof is right here. So they keep their masks on instead. And the masquerade continues.

When you read the disclaimer, "I am not a Manager and I am not a Director," you can be sure that it is! Yep, that's how smart they are - they can't even hide their hiding! Who's playing "keyboard warrior" now?

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