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What is the culture like at Carea Community Health Centre?

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The culture is what you make if it. I find it an excellent place to work, my time is valuable, I can manage my time and clients myself, I have the chance to grow and learn. Leadership is trying to create change to staff who cannot or will not be open to change. You can't go back in time. Carea will once again be an employer of choice once they get rid of the negative staff that spew rumours about their workplace. Why would you work in a place that you can post negative comments about on this platform.

It’s a culture of clowns. The Carea Clowns occupying positions of leadership are the real joke here. If you don’t like your union, by all means trade it in for a better one if you’re up to the task. But if I were you, I’d keep my eyes on the prize - whether or not you’re ecstatic about your union, you can be sure we’re united against the clowns.

The union here is a joke. Not everyone who has to be in the union likes it. We are not all united even if we think leadership stinks. This union has zero power and influence and now we are stuck with them.
The forced membership in this union isn’t helping to improve the culture.

The culture at Carea would be much better if the negative, bitter HR keyboard warrior would just leave - or focus on making things better? There’s a thought (more like a fantasy).

The union is not a house divided against itself: We are united and opposed to the bad leadership at Carea. HR keyboard warriors should stop pretending to be happy employees at Carea and come to terms with the fact that they are the ones breeding negativity and toxicity. The frontline workers who do great work are not the problem - the buck stops with those who lead (that's "Leadership 101"). It takes maturity and insight to realize that basic and fundamental fact, which true leaders have no problem grasping.

I keep hearing about the terrible working conditions at Carea. If people think it's that bad, you know what would really solve the problem for you? If people that were negative left. If every single negative employee were to leave Carea, the toxicity would be lower and the rest of us would still be here, and the negative people would no longer be wreaking havoc on the place and leaving communities to suffer in its wake. This is why negative people have got to go.

The people who work at Carea are here for the people of the community, working hard to make Carea a positive place to work (which is why we stay!) -- but some of the union members actively work against other union members good efforts to make things better for our colleagues and for our communities. This would make staying here more of a viable option, which is why more and more martyrs must walk out the door (I can't say I would blame them). However, I appreciate those who remain at Carea and who work hard to serve the community and contribute in a positive way. We want a positive work environment - and the 'martyrs' need to get on board with that agenda. However, they either can't or they won't. This is why the bitter martyrs have got to go; this is why the complaining martyrs need to recognize when it's time to go and make way for some great people who want to come to work at Carea.

The culture at Carea would be much better if the negative, bitter people who like to spread their nasty opinions would just leave.

Hopeless. It has become a culture of learned hopelessness.

It is a culture of disrespect. You are treated like a child rather than respected as a professional who have knowledge as a professional in your field.

Terrible. Negative. Weak. Unsupportive. Top-down approach. Not collaborative. Superficial.

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