Capitol Steel Corp
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What is the company culture at Capitol Steel?

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Authoritarian! Memo circulated to all employees that if the production boss heard anybody use the term "my bad" they would be suspended for 5 days without pay! Apparently another memo was circulated by this guy that said office employees could not socialize. He compared it to a marriage that goes bad, or to some effect kinda like that.

The worst experience i have ever had in my working career. All the reviews dont lie about this place. Just terrible.

The management here (which is mostly all family) is responsible for the majority of the problems that this company faces.

Awful company culture, nepotism at its worst, just simply put do not work there.

Horrible place, seek employment elsewhere

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Terrible place

Not a good place to work

Very poor management is all family that dont know their jobs

Co workers are friendly for the most part.
Watch who you talk to though.

H/S committee is made up of supervisors and workers who are family members of management.

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