Capitol Steel Corp
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Si vous deviez quitter Capitol Steel Corp, quelle en serait la raison?

6 réponses

The reason that I left Capitol Steel was that despite doing our best everyday (team responsible for cutting out the bridges, moving all the material inside and out, shipping finished product) we were not receiving compensation for our time. Oh yeah, a wage is a wage, but, the wages paid at Capitol Steel are not good wages unless your are related to one of the Managers, and if you are then you're probably related to all of the managers. Hint. Hint.

Because management would suck the life outta me

Unqualified Management. They treat there employees like dirt. Do not work here

Too dark, very Smokey, garbage every where, they expect overtime at quitting time Friday, they fire people every day. I do not recommend even to my worst enemy.

Anxiety and Stress

Poor management and they treat there employees horrible

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