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Comment décririez-vous le rythme de travail chez Capcrete?

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  • Slow and frustrating

  • Slow , and lacks independence . The owner will get involved in everything hence you can't make any decision in your own, you must go by him . As well if he wants to create a fight with you , he will start questioning why you didn't make the decision on your own. He can't make any decision without his "assistant " . He will tell you to search for a specific criteria , then changes his mind completely by the end of the day . He will find a space he is interested in but he will still tell you to keep looking, despite that he is set on that space . Laptop password must be given to them , I had to create my own email , instead of them creating an actual email. Basically if you wanna work for a very basic construction company just to say you did , you can do that . Other than that , don't bother.

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  • Comment décririez-vous le rythme de travail chez Capcrete?