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What is the hourly rate and hours to work per week for Prepack and Fulfillment clerk?

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  • Chump change but higher ups making BIG money Unionizing. THIS IS NOR ILLUMINATTI OR IS IT FULL CONTROL OVER PEOPLE LOTS OF BULL ALSO Employees steal from canopy growth because they give you chimp change.

  • What is the average pay for a customer Care Specialist? Has the Smiths Falls work environment improved now that they have been open for awhile?

  • Pay is poor better off pedaling outside your local liquor store for change.

  • They say its $30,000 salary but after deductions its 14.42 an hour and if you work a regular week Monday-Friday either 7:30-4, 3:30-mightnight, or midnight-8am you're gunna get around $950.46 every pay period, however on midnights you get a dollar more per hour. Granted this is if you don't pay into insurance or stock program.

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