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Que choisiseriez-vous d'améliorer chez Canopy Growth?

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Get rid of Finance Directors. hire for capabilities not friendship And let people do their jobs.
Stop the “cliques and brown nosing.

Treat people with respect

Hire competent Finance management. People who know how to manage and direct and engage staff. The people who call themselves Directors of Finance are a joke. No wonder there is a drop in stock those people are finance clerks at best.

Would hire people who actually want to work .
Hire people who have out grown their high school years but still like to laugh ,

Hire new management

I would bring in a management team that has actual skills instead of just tenure with the company. The amount of directors/senior directors/VPs who started in low-level customer care/recruiting positions is astounding.

Pay my ground level retail employees a wage that doesn’t leave them starving. And stop selling packaged garbage.

Have a quality management plan

Fire sycophants. Force everyone with 0 cannabis knowledge to start in the trimroom to learn the processes from start to finish.
Not hire people with 0 cannabis knowledge.

Restructure management teams so there is more accountability.

Better organization strategy, communication, increase the yearly salary and take advantage of downtime with training for all equipment. Those are the big ones. There are other things that need alot of work but those are the big one that would help boost moral and make people want to work harder. Money isnt everything but it certainly helps.

Engager une personne jovial et zen faire pousser des plantes quelles quel sois prend un certaine personnalite terre a terre

Increase the communication of where we are going with our industry and our company.

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