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Comment décririez-vous l’ambiance de travail chez Canopy Growth?

18 réponses

  • The unskilled management and millenial hipster corporate types will drive this operation into the ground.
    Most co-workers are awesome to work with but there are many brown-nosing types who get promoted even though they have no post secondary education or vital skills.

  • It also sounds like they need a shakeup, wake up or management re-structuring. Can it be that dis-organized?

  • Sounds like this Canopy growth is growing to fast and missing out on its biggest asset, the employees.

  • Management is terrible and if you know what FIFO stands for its not what you think for the end is different. Co-workers for the most part are great but if you think that they have worker safety in mind think again.

  • It's a very unhappy environment. Very unorganized. So many bosses but no one really seems to know their job, so no one to give you proper guidance.

  • Management in Aldergrove is terrible when you speak to management they talk out of both sides of there mouth. The workers are always trying to get noticed so a lot of back stabbing. Expect long hours low pay and daily be micro managed.

  • The boss is nice but breaks rules. The other employees under her are rude and unhelpful. They have a bad attitude and play favoritism.

  • Unnerving. Can there really be that many medical users in one building?

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  1. Comment décririez-vous l’ambiance de travail chez Canopy Growth?