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Comment décririez-vous l’ambiance de travail chez Canopy Growth?

18 réponses

Mostly great co-workers.
Company is a bleeding money pit of useless talent led by arrogant managers who now nothing.

Will in Langley was the most useless person I have ever seen.

Work environment is very toxic , I would come home feeling beaten down and dread having to go to my next shift .

Basically the exact opposite of what they sell you on in the interview.

It's a smoke show from the outside. All the people drinking the kool-aid will say it's great. It is NOT. It's like prison or ridiculous like high school. You need to fall into a gang or clique right away. Fall into the wrong one and you will be fired. If you work the hourly wage out, your take home is less than a fast food worker. At least there you'll have your dignity. Here they strip it of you and will fire you if you question it. Don't fall for the hype. They are a bad company.

Okay culture from staff, management is useless and clueless. That will happen with a 3 month revolving door of managers.

At the Scarborough location, it is terrible. Clueless management who create division and a toxic work environment. They promote a "family mentality" but it is far from that.

Si vous recherchez un emploi stressant, désorganisé,sans communication, appliquez.

Basically it’s like high school. If you’re not popular you won’t last, even if you are one of the best workers. Rules? What are they? Did you know it’s illegal to smoke and work? Not at canopy Growth! Driving impaired isn’t okay but working impaired is! Yay Tweed 🙄

The greatest company I have ever worked for. If you have a problem than probably you are butt hurt because you didn't get a promotion or because you can't adopt to the situation. I'm speaking about NOTL. My management is great and we make sure we produce the best quality stuff. If you know how to deal with problems and people it's a great place to be.

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