Canadian Utility Construction
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Canadian Utility Construction Limited Partnership (CUC) provides quality underground construction services to utility companies throughout Western Canada. CUC specializes in a full range of construction and maintenance services for the Natural Gas Distribution and Transmission industry. Its complete range of underground construction services includes – 

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Safety is Our Top Priority

“Building a positive safety culture is not a one-off event nor cannot it be bought. It requires the exercise of leadership at all levels and hard work for it to be effective and lasting.” At Canadian Utility Construction (CUC), Safety is not just a core value or strategy, but we believe it to be a company-wide culture. Our mission is to perform the work safely, and our duty is to complete each and every project incident and injury free. This is why all of our employees are qualified for their respective tasks and are continually trained to observe and react to any type of operating conditions. So that safety is the main focus 24/7, not just at work but at home as well.

Leadership in Safety

To set ourselves apart from other contractors, CUC has created an internal development program called our “Leadership Academy”. This is an intensive 2-week program, which combines in-person classroom training along with experiential learning. Our main purpose is to help develop the fundamental skills and abilities that every leader will need to be successful. Upon completion of this program, our Foreman will have the proper skills and certifications to be strategically driven and to be a role model for their crew. In addition to the Leadership Academy program, we have Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) whose purpose is to help with peer engagement. These are individuals who possess enough experience and specialization in a particular field/ skillset. They help to train others in order to help them further expand their experience and confidence within a niche area. With our Learning Academy and the implementation of SME’s, we aim to reduce the number of injuries and incidents through these training programs.

Training Tomorrow’s Leaders

As part of CUC’s commitment to safety, the Quality and Safety team have initiated various types of training and development programs. These programs help create leaders in performance and safety and delivers exceptional value to our employees and to our customers. With providing our employees with the sufficient amount of training and development, we aim to be able to accomplish our ultimate goal of zero unsafe acts in and around the work place.