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3,5Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Horaire non conciliante avec vie de famille.

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Obligation de travailler 1 fin de semaine sur 2 et obliger de travailler des soirées. Non à l’écoute des besoins familiaux, avec un enfant turbulent qui nécessite d’être présent, ça m’a coûté un emplois, congédiement..

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Au comptoir des pièces automobiles, c’est une belle école.

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Rabais employés ridicules!
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worst place to work. management is garbage, make you feel like cr*p for calling in sick. give you the HARDEST time to book time off. no work-life balance. make you feel guilty for saying no to a shift even though you’ve worked there for years and bend over backwards for them. pay is laughable for the amount of work they expect. empty promises for a pay raise. garbage. you get yelled at by customers for other people’s mess-ups.

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Slow at times but busy during seasons of high demand

Very busy during seasons of high demand. There is a high turnover rate so may be called in to take over someone else's shift. If you work 15 minutes past your regular shift time you won't get paid for it.
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Management needs to be revamped

Worked there for over a year and thoroughly enjoyed it for the first half. The work starts to feel repetitive and like an endless cycle after awhile and makes it hard to go to work. Management isn’t very friendly either. They pick and choose who they like and practice favoritism. Your schedule flexibility will depend on your department manager, most of which aren’t very considerate of your work-life balance.
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Great pay and work culture

Management is competent and fair. Advancement opportunities are available and frequent. Good benefits and rate of pay is higher then most in the industry . Great place to work.
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Very cool and welcoming environment with really friendly and hardworking staff

Overall experience with Canadian tire is super amazing. Having worked with the company for about two years now, I can confidently say that’s it’s definitely one of the best.
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Productive place to work

Always opportunity to learn new skills. Management changes every couple of years (new owners) which can sometimes be stressful. But always kind and easy to work with people.
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Decent as a temporary career

The schedule is flexible but the degree is dependent on the manager. Career advancement is possible but it will most likely be done by moving from one branch to another. There is little incentive for employees to pursue higher positions due to the low pay versus the amount of work it requires unless it is for a corporate position.
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Not great.

Being at this job kind of makes me miserable. It’s just not the most caring environment, and it often feels like the managers only see employees as disposable robots
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Always busy

Good people to work with but couldn’t live on the wages or get a second job because my shift changed every week. They change managers a lot so everything kept getting changed regularly, short staffed in Pro Active the new people weren’t getting proper training.
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It’s an ok place to start if you’re looking for a job that gets you on your feet.

It is a good starting job only because you get to learn some important things such as inventory check and stuff like that, however if you don’t stay on task 24/7 you will be in trouble. For example I could talk to some people for literally 1 minute and I got in trouble for that, and they always watch the cameras to ensure you are on task.
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Toxic management/HR, not good work atmosphere

They hired me along with about 20 others and let go of me and almost all of the others at the end of the three month probation 'without cause'. I heard afterward that this was normal behaviour to hire a bunch of people at CT and cut them off before the three month period was over because they wanted cheap quick labour. I didn't apply for a seasonal position either, it was suppose to be a permanent one. I was told my performance was great by HR and they loved having me there but just cut me off and told me I was done... without any actual reasoning. I would not recommend working for CT at all if you are looking for a permanent stable position. This isn't it.

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Points négatifs

long hours, minimum wage, overworking you, toxic management
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Cool co-workers, disorganized and terrible management, low low wages

It is impossible to move upward in this company unless you know someone. They also give you many tasks, and expect you to be amazing at them, without proper training. Bad hours. Blatant favouritism. They write people up for stuff that are results of poor training. It is flexible hours and your coworkers are the only thing keeping you in the job.They need to pay better and offer healthcare and benefits to PT employees/
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Stressful and decent staff

Stressful work, little to no help, decent management, not LGBTQ friendly, good hours, great GM, depending on department may have different experiences
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Don’t let them know you have mental health issues

Worked with the company for a few years, wasn’t given raises I was promised. Management role was suppose to be given to me yet I never received the title or the pay that goes along with the work. I went off on Dr orders for mental health issues and I was laid off and never called back for the position when they hired again.I was the second employee this happened to. If you have mental health issues don’t work here, or keep everything to yourself. They will find a reason to get rid of you.

Points positifs

Customers are good

Points négatifs

Management lies
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Making the customers laugh

Great and the best job I ever had and would work here again and be part of the team and get to learn more about what needs to be completed and was learning were everything goes and which lane

Points positifs

Free breaks

Points négatifs

Not long enough hours
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Under wage work for receiving associates

No management, overwhelmed warehouse with no proper protocol for job and paid so unfair receiving and put away guys working hard they get same as sales associates not worth it even if drive forklift poor management
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Inclusive positive work environment

Great place to work, however wages are inadequate unless your store participates in profit sharing (which is up to the individual store owner). Only full time employees are entitled to this program, if implemented.
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A place to work

There were many interesting customers everyday, the managers were fine, coworker made my experience great. The pay was a little bit above minimum wage. Good job to have in the summer if you want money but don't go out much.
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Coworkers and Management are amazing, pay is rubbish.

I love this job, I love my coworkers. It is straight forward and you are trained thoroughly. However, as much as you are trained and appreciated, nights do a lot, and they are undervalued by the entire store, overworked and underpaid. The night crew is underestimated by most on days, and there is no incentive to do nights other than no customers. There is no premium or benefit for working your a** off. You get paid minimum wage and if you stay long enough you are given a share after 1000 hours, that usually goes towards a pension. (you do get vacation hours, but you do not get sick days, you have to use your vacation hours to cover sick days.)
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The staff being so large, you felt like just another number and your hard work goes unrecognized. Quality of work depends on the management you're under, I witnessed a management change over that was night and day to the previous manager.The store is so crowded and disorganized and the customers tend to be very rude and impatient with the staff.

Points positifs

15% off employee discount

Points négatifs

No room for advancement
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