Canadian Tire Corporation Ltd
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Why did you leave your job at Canadian Tire Corporation Ltd?

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I gave them increase after increase and when I asked for my reward it seems like it was a only a one way street .

I worked 8 years there, the salary did not increase much since i was a coop student here. i was underpaid by 20,000 below industry average.
they only give advancement opportunity to CAs.

Moved to a different home for college.

Management was not up to par with the great name of Canadian Tire, lousy, rude and very inconsiderate.

For a better paying job

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They management kept making not the greatest decisions and it made me not like my job anymore

Was let off. Store changed way too quickly for me to handle

Flea market mentality in a Palace.

Wasn't getting enough hours, last year of high school and hard classes and playing sports.

Joined Peoples jewellers

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