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Vos supérieurs sont-ils facilement abordables chez Société Canadian Tire?

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Look very closely into owners and store manager, speak with employees about Alliston store moral, hire cooperate hr people that have too send feed back , back too cooperate , the employees turn around at Alliston store is ridiculous

Encourage independent thought.
Insist managers do something.

Delegation is a skill. Not a opportunity to do nothing. If people are unhappy or dissatisfied ask them to leave.

Change is a good thing

I gave ctc ottawa a 18.4 percent increase , Which equates to 640000 dollars in December alone and when I asked for a 2 dollars raise I was told how was the store manager going to explain such a salary to corporate , get rid of the fat , I see why they are worried about Competition , no real leader .

The whole system needs an overhaul , the senior staff know the system too well and milk it for what it’s worth and also don’t want the new people to get comfortable or noticed .

Il y a des propriétaire qui manque de respect pour leur employé vraiment alors les directeur suive .

To prevent our team members from leaving requires decelerating the pressure sometimes. One way is by creating something fun among the store departments. For example, the manager may set monthly goals and provide incentives for the winners. This way, it will create a new dynamic at work, and maintain team members intrinsic motivations.

When one of your employees are due for a raise or carry themselves by helping with more than one job title, pay them properly. Don't let your fill crew, promo and cashiers do all of the work, get managers to also pull their fair share. Take the time to properly... I will say it again... properly so they do not feel like a chicken with their head cut off trying to help a customer but not knowing how to do their job because of lack of intitial training. Pay your employees properly and show them you actually care about them beyond what happens at the store. Be genuine and be fair to your employees and the revolving door will cease to exist. Easy Peasy.

Listen to their employees, see if there ‘is’ something you can do! Whether it is a raise and or give more hours! Have good benefits, a pension plan! All very important

See what their issues are! If it is because lack of hrs then maybe try to them get more! But if that is out of my hands! Wish them well. I was in that situation once, had to move on, kids to feed, rent to pay.

Respect the associates. The same way they would be respected. Give out more associates rewards

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