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Vos supérieurs sont-ils facilement abordables chez Société Canadian Tire?

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  • Managers need to have more human compassion. Don't just throw good people away. Someone who has been there for 15 years should know where things are or how to find something for a customer regardless of position. Especially if they are on the floor. And not hold newer people accountable for their incompetence.

  • CT port hawkesbury. Need a new GM. one that know what he doing. and one that doesn’t make his department managers do the work

  • They need to pay their employees a decent wage, they never give you a raise, and they don't hire enough staff on cash or on floor, a bad place to work for, all they care about is making money and not on their employees.

  • People don’t leave bad jobs, because the job is bad.
    They leave because of bad management.

    Understanding and learning about your staff, is a critical component to healthy , prosperous work environment.

    An ounce of emotional intelligence would go a long way

  • Pay a $13.00 Minimum Wage

  • They need to pay there employees a better wage. Hire more full time then part time. Keep there word when they promise to do something. The stores need to really think who they promote in the store. I find too many chiefs not enough indians.

  • Pay your people a wage that reflects what you expect from them....minimum wage simply says ur a number....someone doing assembly unloading trucks and fast find deserves more than an 11 cent raise and far more than 14.64 an hour

  • The status quo is no longer acceptable.
    If you ask questions and expect decency and kindness. Do not work at C.T.

    The managers are not interested in any change. This is unfair to associates, customers and the owners.

    Burnaby store is a celebration of mediocrity.

    Certain managers only address you if you are a female. They are most interested in dating staff. A minor overhaul is needed immediately. A toxic environment to say the least . Burnaby store deserves better

  • Look very closely into owners and store manager, speak with employees about Alliston store moral, hire cooperate hr people that have too send feed back , back too cooperate , the employees turn around at Alliston store is ridiculous

  • Encourage independent thought.
    Insist managers do something.

    Delegation is a skill. Not a opportunity to do nothing. If people are unhappy or dissatisfied ask them to leave.

    Change is a good thing

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  1. Vos supérieurs sont-ils facilement abordables chez Société Canadian Tire?