Société Canadian Tire
Canadian Tire Corporation Ltd
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Si vous deviez quitter Société Canadian Tire, quelle en serait la raison?

50 réponses

If I were to leave Canadian Tire (Which I am about to) it would be because of the way the managers treat you.

To advance my work skills and receive better salary and benefits

Company restructuring

Poor management and recognition of employees

The new owner didn't like that i was a manager and the youngest one there. he wanted to demote me.

Because it taught me how rude people are when we don't have something in stock. And people should learn to keep curse words and spit in their own mouths.

To broaden my horizons with new things to learn.

Want a job that pays more because I'm not in school

The pay isnt good, the company wants to focus all their attention on customer service, long hours

Disappointed in the benefit package especially if you have family

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