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Si vous deviez quitter Société Canadian Tire, quelle en serait la raison?

50 réponses

Near 25yrs in automotive,the owner of the Parksville store shows no interest in the staff, no one cares about their work here as a result. Ct corporate needs to find a new owner for this location.

If I were to leave. It would be due to managers. Especially in the service Center or parts. There loosing amazing employees due to their lack of communication with all co workers, especially new hires. When they need an experienced person working anything automotive, instead of loosing customers due to lack of knowledge and experience in the field.

If a full-time permanent job was a conflict.

Becoming too stressed out, moving to a different place, not enough hours.

Finding a better paying Job.

Need more hours and better pay.

Doesn't pay enough

Finished school

The only reason I would quit Canadian Tire if was able to find a job in graphic design industry or school.

Poor management skills on all fronts.

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