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Si vous deviez quitter Société Canadian Tire, quelle en serait la raison?

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I finished university and was looking for a new career path

Toxic environment.

Lack of communication and all the favouritism and the laziness of most employees

Upper Management is VERY poor at the Belleville store that’s for sure! they need to properly train day and night staff before putting them on the floor and to quit hiring people that don’t care whatsoever for the job.
They have ALOT of favouritism towards the smokers as well.

Too many problems to list on here to post!

When I got fed up with the underhanded, slimy behaviour of management and long term employees

They do not follow the labour boards laws for breaks and lunches. They low staff so that those working cannot leave for their breaks and in a 6 hour shift when they should be breaking the 30 mins into 2 15s so the employee can get paid for the 6 hour shift, they dock the lunch making it only possible to be a 5.5 hour shift. They hire tons of very young teenagers 13 and 14 yr olds. Is that even legal? I sensed a major taking of advantage on the vulnerable/unknowing employee.

These are a few of the issues with working at Canadian tire. I'm sure most past/current staff can agree. This doesn't even include the issue with proactive/receiving.

Where does a person start?

1) Maybe actually listen to staff suggestions and give them the time of day instead of passing them off the managers who ignore them the same. (this resulting in you being yelled at for doing exactly what you were told to do...when bringing forth an issue or suggestion)

2) Stop all of the favoritism. Half of the staff members that follow under this category pawn all their work off on to others and claim it as theirs. Even in protestant against doing what they pawn off you still get in trouble...even after explaining it.

3) STOP SHORT STAFFING THE FLOOR you need more than two mangers, two cashiers and 3 floor staff to run a store (more aimed during closing hours but still applies with early shifts)

4) Stop bullying & manipulating staff. It causes a poor environment to work in and causes some people to have literal mental break downs (have heard of some staff actually going through this)

5) Actually provide your staff with benifits when 3 month probation is up. I waited 7month before I was told "we never offered them to regular staff (only managers) until now!" And cover more...we get no glasses coverage, no dental for the first year...and they cover only %25 of the cost.

6) Before store owners order a wack load of new stock maybe give time for older stock to clear out. DO NOT try and fit "a 5 segment POG into 1 segment" it is physically impossible for floor staff to do this fast and effecianetly. Constantly causing upset customers...since they cant shop freely without climbing over things.

7) when a staff member gives you 2 weeks notice for a day off...actually attempt to get the shift covered. I've been told so many times (even giving a longer period before said days off) that if I cant find anyone I'm not getting the day off.

8) Train more staff to run scissor lifts/other equipment for moving bigger items rather than having one person who gets called in on their days off.

9) stop ignoring issues entirely when they're brought forward. Clearing they're interfering with the efficiency of the floor and need to be dealt with correctly, not brushed aside. Ex: Staff members who do not do their job correctly, causing other staff to correct their error in order to continue working. Or staff members that consistantly mess up should maybe be re-trained. Or even stop yelling at the staff members that always work hard...trying to get them to do more for less...and tell at the ones who do nothing.


Not being trained well

Low pay, high expectations, too much to do and not enough time, not letting people take on more responsibility unless they agree to a management role even after years on the job. Taking advantage of managers, making them work too hard (6 -10 days without a day off). The new proactive system is very demanding in that it wants all stock full all the time, which is impossible without a huge staff or a store without customers. It could be the nail in the coffin for me after 14 years.

If the work environment is too toxic and I did the best I can to make it better, then I would consider leaving.

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