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Canadian Tire Corporation Ltd
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Si vous deviez quitter Société Canadian Tire, quelle en serait la raison?

50 réponses

Not being paid properly

Sickness or lack of hours, at the end of the day we all have bills to pay and need to eat!

Upper management, lack of direction, procedures, process, and laziness from other associate's from other departments and lack of common sense

Moving to a different city

The workplace atmosphere is toxic and the cashiers can be verbally abusive to fellow employees . SADLY.. they get away with it...Kharma...hopefully will kick in

Management is horrible.. has made over 12+ quit in 3 months, treated poorly.. cut hours to increased hours depending on the staff that still work there.

Not enough hours. I live on my own and I am Always asking for more hours So I do not have to look for other employment opportunities with a different company. My management tells me there are no hours. Which forces me to Look for another job/career!


Upper managements bullying including office staff.

If i am not been fairly treated

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