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Si vous deviez quitter Société Canadian Tire, quelle en serait la raison?

46 réponses

It is reasonable to require any acknowledgement of a job well done.
Sadly, there is none.

Managers are too busy delegating their work to others. Also, they seem too have zero interest in any positive or negative feedback. Perhaps if they could muster some enthusiasm or passion, others may join in.

Hours got cut back from 32 down to 9! So I left .

I worked at CTC for 5 years and I found the wages to be excellent and the benefits even better. My problem was that I refused to let the customers abuse the store and the staff. If we sold a particular item and the customer brought it back used and abused or destroyed, I was told to replace the item or give the customer a credit. So now, it is the supplier that suffers. I didn't agree with this method and was laid off. Batteries would come in frozen solid and I would restore the battery for no charge with a 99% success rate but I was told to give the customer a new one. It wasn't long before our battery supplier went broke.

I wasn’t rewarded for the golden goose egg I gave them and they will never see those numbers that high again .

The hours suck and the manager doesn't put up the schedule on time. Should be 2weeks not one. And the big boss won't even know you. 2 year of my life a waste.

The need for more hours, which aren’t available, to enable me to survive and pay my rent and bills. Being a single person having to pay for everything myself, I need more hours so that I can survive. Sadly, I’m not able to get what I need and working two different part time jobs isn’t a possibility due to how/when the schedule is made for my hours. It would be nice to be able to afford a tiny bit more than just the basic life necessities and have some luxuries and not just barely be able to pay the, transportation, utilities, food (barely).

Also, being treated fairly and having your seniority honoured and not having the new comers get every opportunity while you’re ignored even though you’ve got more knowledge and have proven that you’re more than capable of doing the job accurately and being 110% reliable versus a lot of the students.

Managers should pay attention and acknowledge good work from staff and promote from within and not always hire from outside for positions that aren’t even posted or made possible to current staff.

I may leave Canadian Tires if we do not shared the same values.For the reason that, I would not feel like I am in my place and will lack motivation.

Not being paid properly

Sickness or lack of hours, at the end of the day we all have bills to pay and need to eat!

Upper management, lack of direction, procedures, process, and laziness from other associate's from other departments and lack of common sense

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