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Quelles sont les questions posées lors d’un entretien chez Société Canadian Tire?

8 réponses

They ask if you live close and what kind of position you would like and your past experiences at a work environment

What technical skills do you possess?
What hours are you requesting?

What pay rate are you looking for?

How if you were placed in a scenario, how you would properly work through it, good work attitudes etc.

Previous job experience

When are you available to work?
Do you know anyone who works here?

Got hired from previous employment

How to solve problems, what is important to you work, social, family. Loss prevention.

Canadian Tire has 2 different types of questionnaires from what I remember, one was more about how you respond to certain types of issues in the workplace, and the other was more about your personality. I may be wrong about that and it could have changed.

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