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Quelles sont les étapes du processus de recrutement chez Société Canadian Tire?

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  • I haven’t received a call for an interview yet.

  • Pretty straight forward.

  • Interview process was fair and easy

  • You get an application and then they interview you and see how you are as a person.

  • Just a one on one person interview with the manager asking questions.

  • When you arrive go to the customer serve desk to let them know you are here for an interview and who with one you have done that they will call the person you are meeting with and ask you to just wait for them to come get you.

  • To call what I went through when I got hired an "interview" is almost a joke. As long as you can maintain a basic conversation and display that you possess at least half a brain cell, the interview will be as simple as the journey you took to walk through the front door. The only reason I have seen someone denied a job here after their interview is because the management already hired more than enough people to fill their vacant slots, but already told that person they would give an interview.

  • The interview was standard interview question that you can find online but you should try to know information about the products they have, and remember to smile.

  • They do a one on one interview with a manager ask you many questions regarding customer service.

  • The interview process is easy. I just took my resume in then waited for the call, then went back in for my interview. 2-5 days later I got the call with the job offer!

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  1. Quelles sont les étapes du processus de recrutement chez Société Canadian Tire?