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Que choisiseriez-vous d'améliorer chez Société Canadian Tire?

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Firstly I will take care of the need of customers because if company get good response from customers then business will flourish. Secondly, I will try to do something different then other stores so that customers can be attracted. Last but not least, due to above two statements when customers will increase then employees will get paid good and i will be able to invest on the betterment of store.

Have someone on the floor readily available where customers are, so they are accessible to them for help and inquiry.

Let the associates know that they matter! Be a team player and strive for the best customer service that we can possibly give! Because without them, we don’t have a job!

I will perform my duties with tireless zeal and fervor and with an exhibited energy and with an exemplary get up for the benefit of the company.

Respect the workers find there strength and build character and make sure I would train them properly and let them know they are new managers and not be afraid to give them a purpose to come work each and every day

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Get all Management on the same page and get them to communicate 100% more than what they do now

Treat the staff as an important part of the growing business. Unlike some of the dealers I have met or worked for.

Give incentives for employees to stay or want to work more

Make it easier for new employees to find things and don't switch around your store so much longer coffee breaks

More development and honesty with staff

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