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How are the working hours?

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There are no guaranteed hours meaning you can be scheduled one shift a week if any. I worked about 20 hours a week with 3-4 shifts a week, mainly 8 hour shifts with some 4 hour shifts.

Working hours are good at the start usually 8 hrs a day

Not alot of hours

Hours are reasonable and it’s easy to take time off when you need.

The working hours were good, but sometimes challenging. Sometimes, scheduled shifts went longer then planned.

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10 to 12 per day.

When I applied for this job in the interview I was promised every other weekend off and 40 hours with minimal nights. Now I work almost every weekend with 23 hours and closing shifts constantly.

Great, they are flexible too. And if you want to pick up holiday shifts you can quickly make some big bucks

Consistent. Time off is given when required. Schedule is proper with the demands of the store.

Depends on the store

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