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Comment avez-vous eu votre premier entretien chez Société Canadian Tire?

9 réponses

I noticed the "hiring for all departments" sign outside, and walked in. I went to the customer service desk and asked for an application, then I filled it out at home, added my resume and CV, and brought it back to customer service in a folder. Got a call back about 5 days later for an interview.

I applied off their website.

I applied online and received a phone call

I applied on line

Sign in business window

Applied in store with an application and resume, and was called back 3 months later.

I was referred to them by a manager that had previously worked there before I got hired for 5 years and currently works there still.

I applied to the nearest establishment online, and was then contacted for an interview

I brought in a resume and got a call from the cashier manager shortly after asking me to come in for an interview.

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