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3,8Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Nice family member to be part of.

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There is always something beneficial to learn, management is excellent. I am talking about my personal experience. Management always welcomes my viewpoint. I enjoy the sense of belonging. I group in the a visible minority section. The hardest part of the job is when contract is about to end. The best part of the job is that you always leave the site with positive note.

Points positifs

quick feeback

Points négatifs

short term contract
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Fun place to work

Nice place to work - good work ,life balance- management is very good-provide full training - salary is according to expectations - room for growth, very nice and supportive staff. -
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CRC is extraordinarily wasteful with resources and Management are inexperienced

The most wasteful charity. Most of resources are expended on redundant practices by incompetant management. Friends of managment, or friends of friends, with little to zero skills or experience are advanced over the highly experienced and capable. If you do not bring breaches in policy or question procedures you will likely be retained. If you have any capacity or experience you will only be hired or retained for mindless positions.

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Points négatifs

Incompetent managers and everything else
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Good pay, disorganized

Everything felt a little chaotic; it took a really long time for payroll to come through, I had mistakes on pay checks pretty often and it would take a long time to fix.
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Great team

Hard to get answers sometimes as never talk to the same person in management.Lots of training. It takes a long time to get hired, but once on there is lots of places to go if you choose to. I was only a temporary worker while Covid clinics were up and running.
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Great place for a first job or entry level

Provided good pay and structure, Most work days were extremely lax, Did not enjoy the structure of management nearly as much. Felt very difficult to resolve Hr issues
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Fun place to work

Worked during Covid at the testing Centers, it was a great paying job with a great group of people, we are all still friends. Everything supplied to make your work place safe. Your health was a priority.
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It is a nice work experience

It is a good place to work. The payment is fair and the team demonstrates sincere concern about mates. The beneficiaries could be tough to deal with sometimes, but nothing aggressive or violent. I had the opportunity to grow as a person and understand that it is possible to be comfortable at work.
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Working for the Redcross has been a great experience, they pay well but I have noticed it can be very unorganized at times. You do get to travel alot
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Apply if interested

Honestly one of the best experiences, I worked as an emergency care worker for their COVID-19 response all last year. There are many opportunities to travel and work in a variety of different settings and people. They emphasize work life balance and taking your time at work. Depending on the position it can be stressful. I think something important is to speak up on anything you feel strongly about. Sometimes management doesn’t listen and can make you feel like you gotta speak to 20 people to get your voice heard which can be frustrating.
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Productive and great culture/environment

Worked as a contract worker for the vaccination clinics. Great pay. Good hours. Only complaint would be the communication between people services and recruitment team.
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Dynamic workplace

Was deployed to a COVID testing site at the US/Canada border on short notice. Had adequate PPE and strict Infection Control Protocols in place. Top-down hierarchy made changes difficult.

Points positifs

competitive pay

Points négatifs

Shift work
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Good place to start

I worked as a emergency care worker and it's a casual position however there are many different opportunities to work with different deployments which makes it an interesting job, however it is difficult to get job security in my particular position which can be frustrating
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Fun and Engaging. Free travel!!

Free travel all across Canada. Different work for each deployment. Shift is 8-10 hours long and changes on a weekly basis. Ni benefits, and job is contractual. No work no pay.

Points positifs

Good pay. Free travel. Per-diems

Points négatifs

Schedule changes on a weekly basis. No benefits.
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Good place to work

The job itself wasn't hard and was very grateful once I worked with the direct responsive team fighting COVID 19.With the high risk of contamination, the company has strong mechanisms to avoid as much as they can to avoid any issues related to health.
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Not fun at all to work with. Very unprofessional management. Took a month before I was deployled. The HR tean wasnt cooperating at all. Was very stressed when working with them. P
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Genuinely Care

Lots of support and training. Any issue was dealt with quickly and efficiently. They put the employee's needs first. Staff are highly capable and professional.

Points positifs

Supportive culture, opportunities to advance, interesting and varied work, great coworkers

Points négatifs

Lots of positions are contract and without long-term security
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Pathetic for a non for profit

Worked with the CRC for the last year and a half, originally we had contracts usually 3 months at a time but that was taken away because people where staying home and getting paid and working on the side. So CRC came up with a killer idea almost as killer as their tainted blood drives and that was to basically ruin the job for the people who actually went to work and wanted to work by giving everyone in emergency care a reservist contract and to try to come up with every and any way not to pay their employees and if they don't obey every single silly rule that was pulled out of management's void they call their mind they would be let go or have to do some sort of re education. Mobilization and roster managers are only around rarely and are not reachable under normal circumstances. The CEO pockets 5 mill a year from a non for profit, all while management messes with everyone off thus the extremely high turnover rate. No job security as the open contract just protects CRC from paying out for EI. Welcome to the red cross
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Fun workplace

It was fun working with the redcross. Everyone is just so nice and welcoming. They really do make you feel like family. The only thing that I didn’t like was the fact that you can’t depend on it to pay your bills.

Points négatifs

No Job security No benefit No stable work schedules All contract based jobs
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Rewarding work, but not worth it

On site work is very rewarding. The management and pay/ contact structure is not conducive to long term employment. Expenses can take months to be paid out. Often issues with hourly pay. Contracts come and go.

Points positifs

Great peers, thankful beneficiaries

Points négatifs

Hard to recoup expenses, poor communication between management and leadership, unreliable contract work
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Awesome place to work at

Enjoyed lot working with new people and learnt so many things .it gives you the freedom to express yourself and helps you in building your confidence .

Points positifs

Freedom, great managers
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